Articles 1-100

Conversation with Rory Gallagher by Shiv Cariappa 6/1/91  Great interview!!  Rory discusses among other things: the 'new' band, post Gerry and Brendan, his flying problem, releasing of singles and  avoiding substance excesses.   From the Christian Science Monitor posted
Photo-Finish Tour Interview by Mark Stevens 12/78  from Triad magazine 
Help!!!  Click here to see if you can help identify the where and when of this picture. Click Here to View 
Rory Gallagher, Meat 'N Potatoes Rock & Roll by Mark Stevens  from a 1979 Triad magazine posted
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Michael Ross 5/17/98  (Sunday Times Article) Enlightening article reflecting on Rory's life and persona.  . 4
Rory Gallagher, Defender of the Blues by Anil Prasad  3/22/91 . 5
Rory in the Sky by Rick Koster Dallas Observer 12/3/97  . 6
A Personal Tribute by Phil N. Rossner, Cosmic Debris 12/95
From Kimmo's web page 
. 7
 Q Magazine July 1990 by David Sinclair 
From Kimmo's web page 
. 8
British Rock Guitar : Rory Gallagher by Dan Hedges
A Great in-depth article from Guitar Player Books 1977 
(added  9/5/99)  9
Rory Gallagher and His Fury by J.P.Sabour & X.Bonnet  2/93
Translation by Len Trimmer 
. 10
In Love with the Blues  from the June 13, 1998 issue of the Irish News . 11
Burning Hot Gallagher (Brulent Gallagher) by Christian LeBrun 2/74 
From French magazine Rock & Folk, translated by Len Trimmer 
. 12
The Blue Line ( La margue bleue ) by Thierry Chatain 4/82
From French magazine, Rock & Folk, translated by Len Trimmer. Rory plays music critic.  Interesting interview. 
. 13
Here Comes The Irish Rory Attack by Everynight Charley Crespo
This article was supplied by Len Trimmer from Relix magazine, 1979 (?) Could use help on the year
. 14
The Rough Guide to Rock: Rory Gallagher  . 15
Rory Gallagher: An Irish Guitarist Traces His Roots in Acoustic & Electric Blues, and Tells how he Plays Them    by Stefan Grossman GREAT interview with Rory from Guitar Player  3/78.
Lots of Rory's thoughts about music, playing and equipment 
. 16
Creem Profile
A humorous profile of Rory from Creem Magazine from May 1979
. 17
Interview with Brendan O'Neil by Shiv Cariappa 3/26/97 from Kimmo's page  . 18
Interview with Gerry McAvoy by Shiv Cariappa 1/8/97
Gerry details his meeting Rory,  his history and chemistry with Rory and his eventual leaving Rory to join NBZ.    from Kimmo's page 
. 19
Mark Feltham: Maestro on Harmonica by Shiv Cariappa 9/13/98
A great interview!  Mark expresses his heartfelt feelings about Rory. He speaks about his feelings for Rory and about Rory's final days.
from Kimmo's page
. 20
Rory Gallagher; One of a kind
Peter Dellys personal Rory story. 
. 21
The Wearing of the Blues by Vivian Campbell
From Guitar, August 1991. Interesting interview with Rory by Def Leppard guitarist and fellow Irishman, Vivian Campbell 
 (added 4/17/99)  22
Rory Gallagher Rock Musician Award
Edge is awarded the 1st  Rory Gallagher Rock Musician award. 
(added 5/11/99)  23
Interview with Johnny Campbell
Interview by Mats Karlsson with a band mate of Rory's in the Impact Showband
(added 7/4/99) 24
Rory Gallagher in Ireland: The Flannel Banshee Breaks out by Bill Holdship 
interesting article / interview from CREEM magazine  July '84
(added 9/4/99)  25
Still Roring After All This Time by Neil Jeffries
from the 8/83 issue of Kerrang. Rory's thoughts on shows, recording etc. 
(added 9/10/99) 26
Rory Gallagher: Still valid after all these years by David M. Gotz
from the April 1980 issue of Record Review.  Rory reinforces his independent nature and his refusal to surrender to the fad of the year type of music. 
(added 9/13/99) 27
Interesting article from CREEM 3/79 issue. Wide variety of topics covered.
(added 9/18/99) 28
RORY GALLAGHER: soft spoken guitar warrior from county cork by Tom Dupree  A nice article/ interview published just prior to the release of Tattoo. From the 12/6/73 issue of ZOO WORLD (added 9/25/99)  29
The Outsiders by Jeff Ward  A brief article from 11/73 Melody Maker about Rory's status.  (added 10/1/99)  30
Rory Gallagher by Steve Rosen Another great article dealing with the technical aspects of Rory's playing.  This one comes from Guitar Player  (73/74?)  (added 10/2/99)  31
Rory Gallagher: One Pink Jacket Don't Make No Show by Steve Rosen A brief article from around 1973 discussing Rory's musical direction.  Would appreciate help identifying the source  (added 10/5/99)  32
 String Bustin: Rory from Taste From Rolling Stone in 5/25/1972 by Mick Rock.  Coincided with the release of Live in Europe.  (added 10/11/99) 33
 TOTP meets Mr. Gallagher THE STORY ON RORY written by Dave Schulps and Ira Robbins from Trouser Press , April/ May 1976 This is a don't miss article. Some history, some touring insights, some musical insights (added 10/12/99) 34
 Rory before Taste
A mail in Q & A column with Rory. HELP!! Need info!
(added 10/24/99) 35
 RORY GALLAGHER Pluck of the Irish by Tom Nolan
  A short article from Fender Frontline, early 1995. 
(added 10/29/99)  36
 Rory Gallagher 1948-1995 by Colin Harper  From Mojo 8/95    Nice article  (added 10/30/99) 37
 Rory on the Road by Mark Plummer  From Melody Maker 7/72 Excellent! (added 10/30/99)  38
 The Guitar Collectors No.1    Rory Gallagher by Eamonn Percival
From International Musician and Recording World  May 1977. Great article with Rory talking about his guitars from the technical side.
(added 11/5/99) 39
 RORY GALLAGHER 1948-1995 by Bob Hewitt
  A nice article/tribute from Guitarist, 8/95 
(added 11/6/99)  40
 Music for Belfast by Rory Hollingworth  
GREAT article from Melody Maker Jan. 8, 1972 
(added 11/13/99) 41
Colin Harper Pays Tribute to the Irish Guitarist Who Died in June
Nice obit / article from August 1995 RECORD COLLECTOR
(added 11/18/99) 42
 Blues Rocker Rory Gallagher's Unique Sound Bridges the Atlantic
by Shiv Cariappa    7/29/91 from the Christian Science Monitor  A reflection on Rory's career as it was taking another turn.
(added 11/27/99) 43
 Rory Gallagher Against The Grain
Pictures & text from a promotional booklet for the album in 1975. 
(added 11/28/99)
(updated 11/01)
 Rory Gallagher UK Tour 78/79
Pics and text from a tour program. Some real nice stuff!! 
(added 12/5/99)  45
 Gallagher in Stones Sessions
A BRIEF article about Rory playing with the Stones from New Musical Express 
(added 12/10/99)  46
 The World's Best Pop Guitarist
A 1972 article from the Evening Herald right after Rory was named the world's best pop guitarist by Melody Maker 
(added 12/10/99)  47
Gallagher- It The Quiet Way by James Johnson
From 12/16/72 issue of New Musical Express. Rory speaks in an insightful manner about touring and the musical scene. Good article. 
(added 12/12/99)  48
 UP STARTS Rory Gallagher— Irish Flannel and a ‘63 Fender by Richard Gold from the 3/76 issue of Circus.  Discusses Against The Grain (added 12/13/99) 49
 The Homespun Hero by Michael Watts
From the 11/25/72 issue of Melody Maker. Excellent article
(added 2/18/00)  50
 The Rory Story by Pete  Great interview from a 1971 issue of Zigzag. Part Two of this interview is in Article 137 and is linked with there. (added 2/19/99) 51
 GUNPOWDER, GUINNESS, and GUITARS  by Roy Hollingworth from the March, 1975 issue of Hit Parader. Another of account of the Belfast New Year's show in 1971-1972 (added 2/24/99) 52
 GALLAGHER:THE RORY DETAILS A career and equipment profile by Adam Sweeting    From the 3/79 issue of BEAT Instrumental  (added 1/1/00) 53
 The Best Normal Guitar Player in the World by Peter Laughner from the 11/76 issue of CREEM. A writer's account of travel with the band. (added 1/9/00) 54
 Gallagher - on the bands who commit suicide on stage  From the June 5,1971 issue of Disc and Music Echo. A short article airing Rory's views of being onstage  (added 1/16/00) 55
 Pizza Platters Interviews Rory Gallagher
From 12/1/76. A Brief article/interview about touring etc. 
 (added 1/22/00) 56
 Rory gets the acoustic bug by Chris Welch in Switzerland From Melody Maker 7/19/75. A recap/interview of Guitar Night at the Ninth International Festival at Montreux (added 1/23/00)  57
 Praying at the temple of the blues by Michael Ross  From  The Sunday Times 8/16/92. Interesting insight into Rory's mindset. (added 1/29/00) 58
 Interview from International Musician 1976
Interesting interview touching on touring, equipment and recording. 
(added 1/30/00) 59
 Old Sweat in Cologne by Angie Errigo
From New Musical Express 1/8/77. Discussion of touring, a night on tour and Rockpalast. This one is from the Calling Card period
(added 2/5/00)  60
 Rory Raises a Hurricane by Brian Harrigan From the 4/26/75 issue of Melody Maker. A recount of life at a Rory show (added 2/12/00)  61
 Rory of the Crowd by Harry Doherty From the 10/16/76 issue of Melody Maker. Rory's views of performing from the 'Calling Card' era (added 2/26/00) 62
 Rory! by  Neville Marten From the 6/87 issue of Guitarist  magazine. A terrific interview touching on recording, the music business and technical issues.   (added 3/4/00) 63
 interviewextra Rory Gallagher From the April 1992 issue of Guitar magazine. Rory details the writing and recording of Ghost Blues (added 3/10/00)  64
 biography: Rory Gallagher  This is a write-up from a 1982 Mercury/ Polydor Press Kit. The kit included a nice B&W picture  ( added 3/16/00)  65
 An Independent Man by Colin Irwin From the Nov.17, 1978 issue of Melody Maker . An interesting article with a bit of history and a bit of a write-up about touring in Sweden.   (added 3/24/00)  66
Sound Sandwich From the March 1970 issue of Hit Parader. A brief, but  interesting piece on the second lineup of Taste (added 4/1/00)  67
Remembering Rory by Paul Dromey  From the 3/22/00 issue of Corks List Magazine. Article about the ongoing interest, tributes and legacy of the G-man (added 4/7/00) 68
Cork Examiner article by Paul Dromey From the 3/9/00 issue of the Examiner. Article discussing the respect and interest in Rory. Special attention to the 2/00 Tributes in Leeuwarden. (added 4/7/00) 69
stories of the BLUES by Liam Fay. A recount by Rory of a heated meeting of Jerry Lee Lewis and John Lennon. From the July 1995 issue of Hot Press (added 4/14/00) 70
Meet Gallagher's Men by Roy Hollingworth. A brief one about Rory's first solo band. From the May 8, 1971 issue of Melody Maker (added 4/21/00) 71
Nobody did it better "John Waters pays tribute to the musician who wrote the soundtrack for a generation of Irish kids" From the June 17, 1995 issue of the Irish Times (added 4/28/00) 72
Rory Gallagher by David Fricke A brief article from the Jan 2, 1979 issue of Circus Weekly dealing with styles (added 5/5/00) 73
 Rory Gallagher: The Irish Guitar Wonder by Richard Skelly
An excellent interview from the Oct.4, 1991 issue of Goldmine
(added 5/12/00) 74
Rory - still against the superstar grain by John Spain  Interesting article/interview from the Dec.29,1978 issue of The Irish Press. Some interesting comments from the G-man! (added 5/23/00) 75
Guitarist Gallagher Ejected from Billboard Sept. 13,1980 A short one. Check it out!  (added 6/1/00) 76
Inaugural Rory Gallagher Memorial Lecture Marcus Connaughton's great 1995 lecture at the Cork School of Music. (added 6/24/00) 77
POWER TOOLS sound advise PURE GENIUS by  Phil Alexander.  Rory discusses guitars and equipment.  From RAW magazine 11/88 (added 6/30/00) 78
Why we won't let Rory be forgotten by Mark McClelland. Two interesting articles from the June 13,2000 issue of Ireland's Evening Echo. Good reading. (added 7/8/00) 79
Flying Back to the Blues with Rory Gallagher by Chris Welch  A 1990 article from Metal Hammer. Rory discusses his career and the music business. (added 7/14/00) 80
Road Test: Catching up with Rory by Pete Clark. A 1987 article/interview from Metal Hammer  Interesting article gets into the gap between albums. (added 8/5/00) 81
Gallagher :I must be emotionally involved in my music  A brief article with some interesting comments from Rory.  Need help with the source of this article (added 8/12/00) 82
RORY: LULL BEFORE THE STORM by Jerry Gilbert. This article comes from the June 9,1973 issue of Sounds.  (added 8/18/00) 83
 Put the load on me by Roy Hollingworth. The writer spends a day toiling as Rory's roadie. Need help with the source (added 8/26/00) 84
RORY GALLAGHER, TASTE AND THE BLUES GUITAR by Mark Prendergast. This article comes from a 1987 book called Isle of Noises, Rock and Roll's Roots in Ireland. (added 9/2/00) 85
Rory Gallagher by Max Kay A lighthearted, interesting piece from a 1981 issue of Music Magazine (added 9/8/00) 86
Great Gallagher A review of a Rory performance at Leeds University by John Hamblett. (added 9/15/00) 87
RORY GALLAGHER : Remember him this way  by Liam Mackey
A remembrance of Rory from the Irish X-Press June 16,1995
(added 9/22/00) 88
Taste of the Blues by Pat Stack. An article written shortly after Rory's passing, published in the Socialist Review 1995. nice memory  (added 9/30/00) 89
Faith and Begob! by Pete Erskine  An interesting piece from the Jan. 3, 1976 issue of New Musical Express (added 10/8/00) 90
And the grain grafts on by Mick Brown. An article written about touring and style in the January 17, 1976 issue of SOUNDS (added 10/14/00) 91
talkin' Blues A selection of Rory Gallagher quotes from the back pages of HOT PRESS.   from the July 12,1995 issue. (added 10/21/00) 92
The Spotlight Kid by Michael Leonard. An excellent article from the 12/98 issue of The Guitar Player (added 10/28/00) 93
Ireland's Prodigal Blues Son by Hal Horowitz  A well written recap of Rory's career from the July/August  1999 issue of Blues Review (added 11/03/00) 94
What Rory did for fame  by Pete Archer. A critique of Rory's live performance from New Musical Express, Oct.6, 1979 (added 11/10/00) 95
Ballad of a Thin Man by Colin Harper. This article comes from the October 1998 issue of MOJO. An in-depth story or Rory's life and career and it's sad end. Excellent article. (added 11/17/00) 96
Rory fills out a Mad Hatter's Box  questionnaire for Hot Press in 1983. Some amusing answers. From the 7/12/95 issue of Hot Press (added 12/1/00) 97
Won't See His Like Again by Stephen Hunter  from the 1/2000 issue of The Archive.  A well written piece recapping Rory's life and music. (added 12/9/00) 98
Introduction to the Rory Gallagher Songbook by Harry Doherty. 
This article /interview is at the open of the Rory Gallagher Songbook published in 1977. As always, Rory speaks his mind.
(added 12/16/00) 99
DOWN all the DAYS  by Niall Stokes.  A moving recount of Rory's' funeral. An excellent piece from the June 1995 issue of Hot Press (added 12/21/00) 100

Articles 101 to 200

rock with rory and the boys in the band  
A BRIEF article from the 1978 issue of Pop Music Annual 
added 12/31/00 101
Rory's full of nitty gritty by Mick Brown. This is the story of the time spent surrounding a rock festival in Finland in 1975.  (From Sounds 8/23/75) added 1/6/01 102
The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time ...and the greatest music they made  from the June 1996 issue of MOJO magazine.  A nice write-up on Rory and joke of a list. added 1/13/01 103
Bad day for the Blues  by Declan Lynch from the June 18,1995 issue of the The Sunday Tribune. A remembrance of Rory and what he meant to a generation of Irish youth. added 1/20/01 104
Rory Gallagher: The Irish Blues-Rocker Slides Again by Jas Obrecht. An interview with a lot of information as Rory returns to America after a 6 year absence.  From the June 1991 issue of Guitar Player added 1/28/01 105
Gallagher the gypsy rover  by Jeff Pike. An excellent article/interview from 1975 about touring, recording and music. Believed to be from New Musical Express. added 2/3/01 106
He laughed in the face of Texaco  by Paul Du Noyer. A review of Rory at Hammersmith Odean. From the January 20, 1979 issue of New Musical Express. (I hope this writer found another career) added 2/10/01 107
Rory's Story  by Cathal Byrne. A nice tribute with some interesting information from the March 6,1999 issue of the Irish Post. added 2/17/01 108
Fresh Evidence Press Kit   This press kit was put out in 1991 to coincide with the release of Fresh Evidence by IRS. A real nice photo was included. added 2/24/o1 109
Gallagher tribute passes blues to next generation by Kate O'Reilly. An article about passing Rory's legend on to the next generation added 3/4/01 110
RORY GALLAGHER- JUST STRAIGHT AHEAD ROCK ....From an Irishman Who Knows  by Darcy Diamond. This is a short piece about touring and recording from the May 1977 issue of ROCK  added 3/11/01 111
Rory Gallagher - World renowned blues and rock guitarist, singer and songwriter by Michael McHugh . This is a nice interview with Donal at the dedication of the plaque in Rory's name at the Rock Hospital in Ballyshannon where Rory was born. From the June 9, 2000 issue of the Donegal Democrat added 3/18/01 112
Tangled Up In Blues  Interview by Liam Fay. This is an excellent interview with Rory from Hot Press The Rock 'n' Roll Issue (Anniversary Special No. 3) 1992.  Lots of good stories from Rory.  added 3/24/01 113
Rory Gallagher A Question of Taste  This article comes from the July, 29, 1989 issue of Sounds. Rory discusses his use of guitar effects in the studio and onstage added 3/31/01 114
Rory Gallagher: An Irishman Not to be Forgotten!  An excellent piece from the Dutch Hard Rock magazine “Aardschok” (July 2000). It includes some very interesting quotes from Donal Gallagher added 4/7/01 115
Rory Gallagher's Guitar Adventure  by Everynight Charley Crespo.  An article/ interview with Rory around the time of the release of  Photo-Finish. Rory hits of several topics including stardom and the music scene. Good Stuff!! From the May 1979 issue of Hit Parader added 4/14/01 116
INTERVIEWS: A Word from the musicians who were on the scene GERRY MCAVOY  An excellent interview with Gerry from the Classicrock  Page. (see link) Gerry looks back at his time with Rory and talks about his current band Nine Below Zero  added 4/21/01 117
Strat Appeal This article comes from Curves, Contours and Body Horns: The Story of the Fender Stratocaster  from an interview done by Ray Minhinett  Rory discusses his long time friend. "the Strat". Good stuff added 4/29/01 118
The Irish Blues of Rory Gallagher  by Bill Horan. This piece comes from the June 1974 issue of SOUND magazine. A good piece covering a variety of musical topics added 5/05/01 119
Rory Roars Back  A brief article about Rory's tour coinciding with the release of Against the Grain from the October 18,1975 issue of Melody Maker and a review of the album from the following issue  added 5/12/01 120
Rory Gallagher  A writer's remembrances of the two Rory shows he attended. A nice write-up. From a 1995 issue of 20th Century Guitar added 5/19/01 121
Rockin' Rory  by Bob Dunne  An excellent article from the June 1973 issue of beetle magazine. Lots of good quotes from Rory  added 5/26/01 122
Rory Gallagher by Tony Skinner    A short, but good article from Guitar Teacher, a publication from The Registry of Guitar Teachers.  added 6/2/01 123
New Musical Express   An article/interview with Rory concerning the release of the Irish Tour '74 video. added 6/30/01 124
Rory Gallagher Remembered  by Jas Osbrecht 
A short obituary piece from 10/95 issue of Guitar Player.
added 7/15/01 125
Secrets of the Stars  A brief interview with Rory about the equipment he used. From the 10/76 issue of Creem. added 7/22/01 126
Rory Gallagher 1948-1995  A nice tribute piece by Glenn Rice from the August 1995 issue of The Guitar Magazine added 7/27/01 127
DONAL GALLAGHER: NEWS UPDATE  Dino McGartland interviews Donal in the June 2001 issue of Stagestruck ( issue #10) Some good insight into Donal's plans and the making of the IT '74 DVD added 8/3/01 128
1978 U.K. Tour Program     A brief write-up about Rory's early career and band history added 8/11/01 129
Rory Gallagher by Gregory Johnson 
A brief write-up about Rory's career from the Blues Notes  3/99  Cascade Blues Association
added 8/18/01 130
Rory's Story by Jon Lewin  3 parts. 1) a piece about Rory's, the blues and recording. 2) Rory gives EVERY detail of his playing  on Defender. 3) a piece on "The Strat'. From the 10/87 issue of Making Music.  added 8/25/01 131
Buxton Opera House Tribute Program  This piece is taken from the 1997 Rory Tribute. It includes a good interview with Rory and some GREAT photos. PLEASE be patient as they load!! It's worth your time added 9/2/01 132
Rory Gallagher: Irish rock pioneer by Dan Simone This is a brief  recap of Rory's career posted to The Spectrum, the student newspaper at North Dakota State University added 9/9/01 133
Rory Gallagher A brief write-up tracing Rory's career, up to 1986, from the Harmony Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock. A couple of interesting comments and a couple of mistakes.  added 9/30/01 134
Fresh Evidence by John Hayden and A Famous Five by Colm O'HareThese articles come form the Sept.1998 issue of Hot Press. The 1st is an excellent write-up about Rory's career with comments from Donal. The second is a review of the first five reissued albums. A nice write-up added 10/7/01 135
Rory's Night of Triumph by Jeff Ward A very positive review of Rory's 4 encore, 1973 show at London's Rainbow Theater from the 12/15/73 issue of Melody Maker
added 1/21/06 136
Talking With Rory by Pete. This is the conclusion of an excellent interview done in Zigzag in 1971. Part One is posted in Article #51. The two articles are linked  added 10/19/01 137
Rory Gallagher  by Chuck Lowery with thanks to P. Spencer .
 A good interview from a San Diego publication called "the door" from 1973
added 10/28/01 138
Rebel with a Guitar by Vincent Powers. This is an excellent piece about Rory's showband days from the book  "Send 'em home sweatin': the showbands story"  added 11/10/01 139
Rory Gallagher Roars Back by David Fricke. A short well written piece from the 1/79 issue of Circus magazine. Discussion of Rory's broken thumb and the period around the recording of Photo Finish added 11/18/01 140
Albums A review of Blueprint, Rory's first album with the new lineup from the February 10, 1973 issue of Melody Maker added 11/24/01 141
Rory: play for today, tomorrow you die by Harry Doherty. A great article/interview believed to be from a late 1975 issue of Melody Maker   PLEASE read the note at the end of the article!! added 12/2/01 142
Mike Galvin talks with Rory Gallagher Published in the 2/86 issue of Deuce Quarterly. Maybe originally from Raven. Some interesting thoughts from RG added 12/9/01 143
Almost a superstar- that's Rory by Caroline Boucher. Written about a year after the breakup of Taste. An early look at the Rory perspective on the music scene. From the Dec. 18,1971 issue of Disc and Music Echo added 12/15/01 144
International Musician of the Month: rory gallagher  A good interview with Rory from the February 1982 issue of International Musician and Recording World. Lots of information on equipment & some history added 12/22/01 145
Questions This is a questionnaire Rory filled out prior to a tour of Japan. It was posted in the August '85 issue of Deuce Quarterly. added 12/29/01 146
Have Guitar Will Travel by Grahame Bent. From the Dec. 10,1988 issue of SOUNDS. Rory talks about the release and background of the Defender album and the gypsy mindset. Some interesting thoughts added 1/05/02 147
Down in the sticks by Brian Harrigan.  An interview with Rod de'Ath from the November 20, 1976 issue of Melody Maker. a good piece with some funny spots added 1/12/02 148
Rory Gallagher - Pressing Ever Onwards by Niall Stokes A great article from the June 9, 1978 issue of Hot Press. Loads of that Gallagher musical philosophy added 1/19/02 149
King Over The Water  A 1978 piece from Munich. A little history, a little humor and a little Rory philosophy in this one. Need help with the source and writer on this one! added 2/2/02 150
‘Against The Grain’ with Rory Gallagher by Cameron Crowe 
From the 3/7/76 issue of the San Diego Union. An interesting article/interview with Rory by the young writer who went onto fame as a film writer and director
added 2/10/02 151
Rory Keeps Copping Bad Luck by Allan Jones  A funny piece about the band and the law. From the 12/30/78 issue of Melody Maker added 2/24/02 152
Questions and Answers  A q&a interview with Rory posted in a 1991 issue of the fanzine, Fresh Evidence. Good stuff added 3/2/02 153
First Performance  An article/interview from the fanzine, Deuce Quarterly (1/86) This piece was done during a tour of Hungary. Interesting quotes! added 3/9/02 154
Defender of the Faith by Al Simpson. This article from a 1987 issue of Metal Hammer marks Rory's return with the Defender album. He touches on what he was trying to do and the 1987 music scene etc. added 3/16/02 155
Music is not a job, more of a hobby, says Rory by Colm McGinty. A 1983 article, at the time of the Lisdoonvarna Festival dealing the gypsy lifestyle and life off the road. Interview done at the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin for the Evening Herald
added 3/24/02 156
Rory Gallagher : Roxy Theater  by John Sutherland. This piece details Rory's return to the States after a long absence and an encore with Slash. From a 1991 issue of Metal Hammer added 3/30/02 157
Against the Grain  This is a Chrysalis Press Kit distributed as Rory did his first album on their label in 1975. Some bio information and quotes from Rory added 4/6/02 158
White knuckle guitarist by John Sakamoto  A short piece from the 3/21/91 issue of the Toronto Sun  marking Rory's return to North America after a long absence and the release of Fresh Evidence added 4/14/02 159
Rory Gallagher And the Blues  by Markus Gygax  An interesting piece  exploring Rory's covering of blues songs and adapting of songs to his own style. From the 3/86 issue of Deuce Quarterly added 4/21/02 160
Grinding the Axe by Brian Harrigan Rory talks about his guitars and maps and how he uses them . From the June 14,1975 issue of Melody Maker added 4/27/02 161
Short Clips Collection This a 4 piece collection of articles from the Taste era of 1968-1969   Check out John Mayall's comments added 5/5/02 162
Rolling with Rory by John Waters This piece believed to be from a 1982 issue of Hot Press recaps Rory's career, band changes and recordings through the eyes of the writer added 5/12/02 163
INTERVIEW FROM THE LONDON-IRISH NEWS  by Kenneth Kelleher. A 12/90 piece as Rory gets back on tour after recording Fresh Evidence. Rory speaks about music and politics, touring & going home.  added 5/17/02 164
Greek articles  Two short articles taken from the web page of the Greek radio station. added 5/26/02 165
Fresh Evidence' of a Fresh Start by Jim Washburn   From the March 7, 1991 issue of the L.A.Times. Rory returns to touring after a long break added 6/01/02 166
All-action Rory heads for the studio by Rick Sanders. Rory returns from his 3rd tour of the U.S. from the June9, 1973 issue of the Record Mirror added 6/8/02 167
Rory comments on his musicians  a collection of comments about members of the band from Taste through the '70's. From the 1/87 issue of DEUCE QUARTERLY  added 6/15/02 168
Interview with Rory
A brief, but interesting excerpt from a Dave Fanning interview with Rory on RTE 2 in April 1989. From the 2/89 issue of Deuce Quarterly.
added 6/23/02 169
Caught in the act  by Harry Doherty A brief review of Rory's show at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1978. From the May 6, 1978 issue of Melody Maker added 6/30/02 170
Interview 1/85  translated from Hungarian radio by Csaba Soltesd and posted in Deuce Quarterly #38  Jan '85  some interesting comments from Rory including why Taste never regrouped added 7/7/02 171
Blues and smiles on the border  Rory caps off a tour of the UK with a benefit for a friend. From the Dec.28, 1988 issue of the London Irish News added 7/13/02 172
RTE Interview with Gay Byrne  A 1988 TV interview with Rory added 7/21/02 173
Gallagher -Traveling Full Circle  by Gerry Gilbert  A nice piece from the May 13, 1972 issue of Sounds. An interview touching on where Rory's music was been and where it was going at the time added 8/4/02 174
Rory Gallagher- Irish Tour  by Marc Giguere  A review of the IT DVD, a little history and a capsulized look at each of Rory's albums.  From the summer 2002 issue of "Blues News" of the Manitoba Blues Society added 8/10/02 175
Playing Magically as Ever - Rory Gallagher  by von Wolfgang Bongeriz   Posted to the 3/86 issue of Deuce Quarterly, this brief piece touches a bit on the recording of Jinx and getting back on tour added 8/17/02 176
Rory live in Dinkelsbühl by Mrcus Gygax &  Agi Gregori   From the 2/86 issue of Deuce Quarterly #39, a review of Rory stealing the show at the Dinkelsbühl festival added 8/25/02 177
An Irishman in Paris! by Hervé Muller From a 1974 issue of the French magazine, Rock & Folk. A WELL written piece about the band and what set Rory apart from the pack added 8/31/02 178
Rory Gallagher by Tom Harrison  A 1974 article from beetle magazine touching on touring, singles, Hendrix etc.  A good read! added 9/7/02 179
Short Stuff  A glowing review of Rory's 1974 visit to Manitoba, Canada. A nice tie in to the article above. Published Feb.15, 1974 in the Winnipeg Free Press added 9/14/02 180
Place: Dusseldorf   Venue: Philipshalle   Artist: Rory Gallagher  A short piece posted to Deuce Quarterly 1/1987 about the new 1978 lineup and Rory's use of the slide added 9/29/02 181
Hunky Rory by Harry Doherty  A tour review from the December 25, 1976 issue of Melody Maker as Rory returns to the Glasgow Apollo after an extended tour.  The writer touches on the band and what set Rory apart from other performers added 10/5/02 182
Pirate Rory revisits for his destiny  by Molly McSnailly Burke. A good piece from the Feb.14, 1988 issue of the Sunday Press as Rory is about to do his first full tour in Ireland after 5 years. A man with a mission added 10/12/02 183
Rory Gallagher: our fellow worker from Cork  by Von Hermann Haring  Posted to DEUCE QUARTERLY in 3/86, interesting article touching on Rory's appeal to generations of fans and his political positioning added 10/20/02 184
Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna Interviewed in 1980
A brief interview with band members about their history with Rory
added 10/27/02 185
Lou Martin Interview  By Markus Gygax.   Lou talks of his career with Rory, before and after, his influences and some of his musical favourite moments. From Deuce Quarterly #46, Feb. 1989 added 11/10/02 186
Gallagher's Still Got the Sound and Fury  by Jim Washburn  A review of Rory's return to California after a six year absence.  From the 3/9/91 issue of the Los Angeles Times added 11/17/02 187
The Mouse that Roried.....And saved the day for Celtic  by Angie Errigo  Rory comes to town and rescues the day after a loss in a football match  From the  Dec. 30, 1975 issue of New Musical Express added 11/23/02 188
Strat-o-Masters: Rory Gallagher  A section of an excellent piece on the players who brought fame to the Strat. nice section on Rory.  From the 7/99 issue of Guitar Player added 11/30/02 189
 Back to the Basics by Penelope Ross  A Feb. 16, 1976 review of Rory's music and show from the Bottom Line in NY. From the SoHo Weekly News added 12/08/02 190
At Last, Rory's Ace Card  A 1976 write-up in Melody Maker  as Rory's music takes a turn with the release of Calling Card aided by Roger Glover on production  added 12/15/02 191
Dr Feelbad's bionic rock  by Karl Dallas  A unique piece from the Dec. 18, 1976 issue of Melody Maker . Check those biorhythms added 12/22/02 192
The man with the golden fingers by Philip Nolan   An interesting piece written prior to the release of Defender. From the Evening Herald in Dublin on December 30 1983 added 12/29/02 193
Classic Riffs: Rory Gallagher's Deuce  by Michael Molenda  A 1998 article from the 2/98 issue of Guitar Player  with the engineer of Deuce album looking back to those sessions added 1/05/03 194
Caught in the Act: Souped Up Rory  by Esdale Maclean  From the Jan. 3, 1976 issue of Melody Maker...a short piece dealing with Rory's show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. added 1/12/03 195
Roaring Rory lets rip just like old times by Paul Russell.  Rory fills the Olympia Theatre after a long absence with a wide variety of appreciative fans.  From the February 18, 1988 issue of the Evening Herald added 1/18/03 196
LIVE!   Deuce Quarterly publisher, Markus Gygax takes us through back to back shows in England in from 1989. from Deuce Quarterly #46 added 1/26/03 197
Taste-one of the few to survive the boom by Royston Eldridge    This 11/10/69 issue of Melody Maker looks at Taste's place in the growing blues/rock scene added 2/9/03 198
Rock On Rory by Eugene Masterson  A 1988 piece from The Star with Rory looking at his place as a pioneer in the Irish rock scene.  Also some photos from a 1988 gig in Liverpool added 2/16/03 199
 Roger Glover remembers Rory  Deep Purple bassist, Roger Glover produced Rory's 'Calling Card' album. He looks back to his days with Rory in a post to the Deep Purple newsgroup in '95
added 3/2/03 200

Articles 201+

Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac – RORY GALLAGHER Steals the Show
Rory opens the show in Vancouver and leaves them saying  “Who is that guitar player?
Taste Split by Rory Hollingworth   From the Oct. 17, 1970 issue of Melody Maker   A less than cheerful piece on the break up of Taste          added
Rory roars back with a new band by Roy Hollingworth from the April 3,1971 issue of Melody Maker  A follow-up to article 202...Rory's "new band, his new album, and the death of Taste..." added
Rory Returns  By Roy Hollingworth from the June 26, 1971 issue of Melody Maker. Rory's show causes a near riot in Cork casting doubts about being able to play there again added
Ulster: What the Music Men Say  From the August 21, 1971 issue of Melody Maker. John Wilson and Rory speak about playing in Northern Ireland during the troubles. Interesting contrast added
A Taste of free form rock and roll  From the January 17, 1970 issue of Melody Maker. MM follows Taste to France and discusses what type of music the band is doing and the jazz influences added
Don't worry, you won't lose Taste   By Mark Plummer. From the August 1, 1970 issue of Melody Maker. The band speaks about their work schedule and the release of singles. added
The Rory Gallagher Signature Model Story  by Harry Pellegrin  This is the detailed story of how Harry created his own 'Rory' replica Strat. Lots of photos along the way. CHECK it out!! added
Rory Gallagher: Good Times An excellent interview by Uli Twelker from Good Times magazine from Dec. 1992 touching on a variety of topics added
Rory's Montreux Explosion by Chris Welsh  A review of the Montreux Festival from Melody Maker published July 12, 1975. Rory stole the show and saved the day added
Rod de'Ath Interview An in-depth 1996 interview by Jakob Mulder for his Signals fanzine. It covers a lot of ground including 'what ever became of Rod de'Ath?' added
Rory Gallagher- I Stand for the Blues! A 1973 interview by Pierre Haesler from the German publication, Music Scene. Rory talks about the transition from the Taste era and his blues approach to the  rock music business added
Rory Gallagher: The Marquee  by David Ling    A brief piece from a 1982 issue of Kerrang   covering a typical Rory show at London's Marquee added

Popscore   by Jip Goldsteijn   One of the last interviews done with Rory. Originally posted to 'De Telegraaf" done in London in Dec. 1994. Taken from "Signals' fanzine.  A sad piece added

the Unknown Soldier  by J.D. Considine  A write-up reviewing the release of "A Blue Day for the Blues" and why Rory wasn't a better known musician. From the April 1996 issue of Guitar World added

Trio gives Taste more Challenge by Richard Green   From the March 25, 1970 issue of New Musical Express, this piece touches on the growing popularity of Taste and Rory talks about doing things his way added

Single leaves a bad Taste  A July 1970 article from Melody Maker concerning the unapproved release of "Born on the Wrong Side of Town" by Major Minor Records recorded by the original Taste lineup added
Rory's rocking raveup by Brian Harrigan   A January 1977 write-up in Melody Maker. Equipment  problems cause Rory to lose his temper, then deliver a classic performance at the Hammersmith- Odeon in London added

Lost & Found  by Jeff Gilbert  The Rory section of a piece from the March 1992 issue of Guitar School. The subtitle for the article is "Where have all the guitarists gone" A short piece has Rory talking about touring the US and the recording of Fresh Evidence added
Rory Gallagher: Hooked on Guitar A 1976 interview done by the Dutch music paper OOR and re-published in the fanzine, Signals in the fall of 1998. The interview covers a WIDE variety of topics from Taste to politics in Ireland added
Famous Last Words This is the last known interview done with Rory done by Dutch Radio Hengelo on Jan. 11, 1995. It was posted to the December 1997 issue of the fanzine, Signals. A reasonably upbeat Rory discusses numerous topics, including plans for new albums in 1995 added
Rory Gallagher wants to play for the entire world (and for all other creatures in the universe) by Willem Roose  A '73 article/interview from the Dutch publication, Veronica. Some Rory history and an interview on the albums, the band and performing added 9/28/03
Rory: nothin' but the blues by Rod Chapman  A November 1974 Melody Maker review of a Rory show in Switzerland played under less than ideal conditions. No problem for RG! added
Caught in the Act : Rory Gallagher by Ivan Little  A brief piece from the 1/17/76 issue of Melody Maker praising  Rory's return to strife torn Belfast added
Blueprint by Arthur Levy  A combination of a review of Blueprint and the evolution of the guitar hero in music with Rory's star on the rise. From the May 10, 1973 issue of Zoo World added
Roy Hollingworth's Greatest Hits A short piece from the Melody Maker issue of  December 30, 1972. Roy names Rory as his musician and man of the year for his efforts in Belfast added
You Must be Joking! A very quick piece from the Dec. 20,1975 issue of Melody Maker. Talk about a 'red hot' show! added
The Weeley Festival A short recount of Rory's appearance at the 1971 festival in Clacton on Sea, plus some quotes and background on the festival. Includes a couple of interesting links added
Interview with Donal Gallagher  An excellent, multi-topic 2003 interview with Donal from the Online  Rock  Journal: THE FUZE". A bit of history, a discussion of the lasting interest in Rory and a look to the future.  Well worth reading!! added
Playing the Blues   A VERY short piece summarizing Rory's appearance on the Dave Fanning RTE radio show touring behind the release of Defender. From The Irish Times 2/23/88 added
Rory Gallagher An excellent interview by Bob Hewitt from the February 1985 issue of Guitarist dealing with equipment, influences and favorite performers added
Barry McCabe interviews Johnny Fean  The Albatross, BMC Band and Barry McCabe band guitarist and a long time friend of Rory's interviews Johnny Fean, guitarist for the Celtic traditional and rock band Horslips, about his memories of Rory. added
eire de fête by Hervé Picart  A WELL WRITTEN article/interview from the French magazine BEST published in March 1982. In addition to a fine with Rory, the writer does a great job of recognizing some of what made Rory so special to his fans added 1/11/04
Seventies Recollection – Rory Gallagher by Ernesto de Pascale The writer looks back to review a gig in Florence in 1972. Nice piece from  Il Popol del Blues from June 2002 added
Strat Attack by Richard Chapman & Kent Armstrong. An INDEPTH look at the Stratocaster! Rory plays and comments on 5 Strats made from 1958 through 1991. This is an excellent piece for guitar players from the January 1992 issue of The GUITAR Magazine added
Rory Gallagher - live and on film 2 short pieces from the 6/24/74 issue of Melody Maker. The 1st, by Dick Hogan, deals with the making and release of the Irish Tour video. The second, by Andrew Harries, reviews Rory's gig at Hull University added
Rory Gallagher: no singles A short piece from the 9/22/73 issue of Melody Maker as Tattoo is about to be released. Some comments from Rory and a review of the album by Bill Mann added
Roaring Rory in denim by Michael Ellison  A nice piece from the June 16, 1995 issue of The Guardian, a couple of days after Rory passed, tracing Rory's career over the years, including the ill fated Town & Country show. added
Festivals A short article from the September 6, 1975 issue of Melody Maker. Rory gives his take on playing at large music festivals. added
The Great Musicians: Rory Gallagher  A very positive, well written piece from The History of Rock, Volume 8, Issue 91, 1983. added
READING ROCK '80  The Rory section from the 1980 Reading Festival program. A little history and some background on the recording of 'Top Priority' added
Cover Star  This is a short piece from Record Song Book , January 1973 as Rory tours behind the release of Blueprint with his new lineup added
Fresh Taste for Rory  by Keith Altham  Rory moves on from Taste and takes control of his music and business. Some if that Rory philosophy. From Record Mirror May 8, 1971 added
Taste Leave Behind Their Best Album A very positive write-up about the Live Taste album and about seeing Taste live. From the July 13, 1971 issue of New Musical Express added
Extroverted Introvert by Robin Mackie   A solid article from Record Mirror, February 24, 1973. Some great commentary from Rory as the band sets to go on tour behind the release of Blueprint with Rod and Lou added to the lineup.        added
Gallagher: Blues and A Lifestyle by Steve Clarke  Rory speaks on the need to tour, being a star and the blues. A worthwhile write-up from the March 17, 1973 issue of New Musical Express added
Gallagher: Playing Until the Grave From Sounds 11/20/71. Rory returns from his 1st US solo tour after Taste.  Deuce is being released and Rory is ready for a long career added
Rory's Golden Duck/ Guitar Heroes Two nice pieces from Kerrang, 1/82 A review of Rory's show in Newcastle and a Q&A session. Nice photos added
Stud A write-up from Deuce Quarterly ( Jan. '87) about the band, STUD, started by the members of TASTE, not named Rory. Guess we know how that went and who should have known better added
No gadgets, but a whole lot of natural sound  An interview with Nick Robertshaw from the 11/9/74 issue of New Musical Express. A real good piece with Rory speaking on his musical background, equipment, influences etc. and some of what made him an original added

Zum Tode von Rory Gallagher by Zippo Zimmerman from his web page  A brief look back at Rory and his career at the time of his passing added
Taste - the split and the future by Royston Eldridge  The title of the article sums it up. Interesting comments in the article from SOUNDS 10/31/70 added
Gallagher: A Man of Principle by Steve Peacock  A positive article from SOUNDS December 15, 1973 about Rory doing his music & conducting his career on his terms added
Rory's Fender Strat by Donal Gallagher   Donal tells the story of how Rory bought his beloved Strat. A great read posted as the first of 3 articles shared by Patrick Kennedy (articles 254-256) added
Rory Gallagher: He Lived, Loved, and Died with the Blues by Patrick Kennedy. Part 2 of a 3 part series. (articles 254-256) A great look back at Rory's musical history and his devotion to the blues added
The Rory Gallagher Tribute Stratocaster:An Interview with John Cruz and Mike Eldred by Patrick Kennedy  The 3rd of a 3 part series (#254-256)  An interesting interview with the men from The Fender Custom Shop given the honor of producing the Rory Gallagher Tribute Stratocaster added
Newsreels by Bill Holdship  A write-up of Rory's  '91 show at the Roxy in Los Angeles, including comments about the 'duet' with Slash. From the March 22, 1991 issue of BAM,  a Los Angeles music magazine added
Wide Eyed Rory by Ray Telford    Rory recounts his first tour of the USA as a headliner. A good article from SOUNDS magazine, May 11, 1974 added
Despite radio's hex, Rory Gallagher's back to what he does best by Gary Weimer  This 12/82 article from Illinois Entertainer has Rory headed back towards his roots with the Jinx album. Some great comments from RG about the way things should be done and what he hoped to do added

Rory Gallagher by Phil Alexander     A short piece from the 1990 RAW Yearbook as blues/rock make a revival and Rory is energized by it and releases Fresh Evidence added
Faith and Begorah! by Pete Erskine   A bit of history and some interesting questions to Rory about life onstage and off. From the March 12, 1976 issue of RAM (Rock Australia Magazine) added
RORY GALLAGHER: A Rap On The Road by John Waters    An excellent article from the Dec. 18, 1981 issue of Hot Press touching on a variety of topics as the writer does a 2 town tour with Rory added
Player of the Month  by P.G.  A short article from the August 3, 1969 issue of Beat Instrumental.  A little history and a look forward from Rory during the Taste era added
Rory Gallagher's Stratocaster Vintage Classic A July 1984 article from Guitarist magazine. A little history of Rory's Strat and amps and some technical info about them added
Strat Stories by Rory Gallagher as told to Ray Hammond   An excellent article from the 4/75 issue of International Musician and Recording World. Rory talks about equipment, his work ethic, trying to get the right sound in the studio and his playing added
Blues-rock simplifies it too much by Henry Keiluhn   A good interview with Rory from the August 22-28, 1974 issue of The Scene about his music and acceptance. Rory leaves little doubt that it was HIS band added
Maybe now, then  A very short piece from a Dutch publication (Muziek Expres?) in 1971 touching on Rory's transition from Taste to the Rory Gallagher Band added
'I want to be playing when I'm fifty'  An excellent article with lots of the Rory mindset towards music and stardom. From the 6/71 issue of Beat Instrumental added
Rory Gallagher: some no-nonsense picking by Kelly Michaels   A nice article from the Nov.19, 1976 issue of Rock-N-Roll News touching on Rory's influences, history and some stories about shows in the States added
Playing Against the Grain by Jim Zelisko  A brief article from the February 1976 issue of Illinois Entertainer detailing the excitement of Rory's live performances added
Roaring Rory The text and photos from the Official Programme of the 1976 Reading Festival published by the Evening Post added
People's Musician by Andy Blackford  The ever down to earth, Rory, talks about the current music scene, his approach and what he does off the stage.
From the May 11, 1974  issue of DISC
Rory Gallagher takes to the bottleneck by Dick Meadows   Rory touches on the unofficial release of music from the pre-Taste days, the release of Deuce, his maturation and touring  in the October 23, 1971 issue of SOUNDS added
Rory Gallagher's Acoustic Collaboration: Wheels Within Wheels by Shiv Cariappa  A well written review of the album, with quotes from Donal Gallagher and broadcaster, Tom Morton. Some great photos provided by Donal! added
Rory- Working Man's Guitarist by Jerry Gilbert  The 1st of a 2-part article from SOUNDS published in Feb.10, '73. Rory talks about his history and influences added
A Taste of Rory by Jerry Gilbert    Part 2 of this good interview as Rory left Taste behind and looked forward. From the 2/17/73 issue of SOUNDS added
Rory Gallagher by Jan de Rooij   A translation of a pretty decent article from a Dutch magazine, Pep, from March 1974). added
Life with last year's model by Carol Clerk   An amusing story, plus a look at how Rory retained his fan base while the music world went through various fads. From the 9/12/81 issue of Melody Maker added
IN YOUR TOWN - but not THIS week! by "the Continental Op"  The story of a canceled 1977 Rory concert in Scotland and its rescheduling as remembered by a fan and detailed in the press. check out the effort Rory made to get there! added
Rory: The SOUNDS Talk In by Jerry Gilbert  A great interview from the 8/4/73 issue of SOUNDS. Rory speaks on the blues influences on his music, the critics and his approach to doing his thing in a world of musical chameleons, as he works on the Tattoo album added
Rappin' with Rory by Peter Dowling   Rory Gallagher talks to Peter Dowling about guitar heroes, production and bent harmonics. From the 11/75 issue of Beat Instrumental added
Rory the guitarist launches Rory Gallagher the band  Nine months after the breakup of Taste, Rory moves on in a new direction with a new band. From the April 10, 1971 issue of New Musical Express added
TASTE'S RORY HAS AN ENORMOUS FOLLOWING...but insists it's a three-man effort A Richard Green Report from the 9/26/70 issue of New Musical Express.  Rory comments on writing and learning songs, working hard and his music collection added
Gallagher gets bigger by Jim Smith  A mixed review of Rory's music as he plays Toronto in 3/74. From the 3/30/74 issue of New Musical Express added
Rory - no messin' by Penny Bosworth  A brief review of a show in Manchester taken from the 2/24/73 issue of Melody Maker added
Rory Rocks a Civic by Michael S.Gant  A nice review of Rory rocking the Civic Auditorium in San Jose. Take from the 12/8/75 issue of circular added
Rory Gallagher brings the blues to Carter country  Mick Brown travels with the band before, during and after 11/10/76 show in Atlanta. A well written piece from the 12/4/76 issue of SOUNDS added
Guitarist gracious despite his upsets by Guy Sterling  Rory gives a gracious interview after a logistical nightmare of a show opening for the Doobie Bros.
From the 11/12/76 issue of the Roanoke Times
Still even simple, still even good A positive look at the improvement in Rory's recordings and his down to earth approach to stardom and fans. From the 12/18/75 issue of the Dutch publication, PTP Popweekblad added
Roadshows:Rory Gallagher by Jim Evans  A very positive review of Rory's great performance at the 1977 Montreux Festival. From the 8/6/77 issue of Record Mirror
Taste:On the Boards by Andy Mellen  A nice review of the second Taste album, On the Boards from the November 1970 issue of CREEM magazine
Rory Gallagher: The influences behind his unique Guitar playing by Richard Green
Rory talks about the influences on his music and changes in it after Taste disbanded. From the 8/21/71 issue of New Musical Express
Guitar Star A recap type of piece with a quote from Rory as the writer caught up to him on the way from Ireland to Spain. From the April 26, 1975 issue of Record Mirror
Rory Gallagher : The Bottom Line by Billy Altman  A nice review of Rory's 2/8/76 appearance at New York's famed Bottom Line. From the 3/25/76 issue of Rolling Stone
Rollicking Rory - Live at Leeds by Andrew Tyler  The writer explores the excitement of a live Rory show, the Taste breakup, Rory's guitars etc. A good article from the 4/8/72 issue of Disc and Music Echo
'Photo Finish' give Rory Gallagher a win A brief write-up at the release of Photo Finish originally posted to the 9/24/78 issue of "joepi" a magazine from Belgium emphasizing that it was time Rory got is due. Reposted to the Dutch fanzine, Deuce
Rory beats the seasonal blues by Donal Byrne   This article from the 12/28/78 issue of The Evening Press relates the excitement of Rory's triumphant return to Dublin's National Stadium while touring behind the release of Photo Finish.
Gallagher Album Track by Track Roy Shipston talks to Rory about his first album after the break up of Taste for the April 17, 1971 issue of Disc and Music Echo
Ted McKenna : Questions & Answers   In late 2004, members of The Loop, Mailing & Discussion Group, did a question & answer with Ted McKenna via email. His answers were originally posted to The Loop on Feb. 7, 2005
obituaries/ gazette Rory Gallagher by Chris Welch  A well done recap of Rory's life and career done after his passing....not a sad piece. From The Independent  June 16, 1995

   Articles 301 +

Rory Gallagher: A Previously Unpublished Interview by Ray Minhinnett  An interesting interview done with Rory in 1994 in Modern Guitar Magazine . (goes to a link to their site)
Rory Gallagher...working bluesman from Ireland by Richard Green   An upbeat article from the 9/74 issue of Music Scene touching on having multiple guitar influences, letting guitar playing stand ahead of flash and the story of Rory breaking out of the showband era
The SOUNDS Talk-in with Rory Gallagher  An excellent interview done by Royston Eldridge for the April 10, 1971 issue of Sounds as Rory made the transition from Taste to the Rory Gallagher Band.
Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour 74 by Henry Keiluhn  A review of the IT74 double album. The writer focuses on the differences between Rory live and in studio. From the August 22-28, 1974 issue of The Scene
The Story of Rory by Chas De Whalley  A well done interview dealing with the guitars he uses and the use of a slide. From the March 1983 issue of SOUNDS
Jeffrey Pike interviews Rory Gallagher  This is another excellent interview with Rory touching on musical influences, acoustic guitar, composing, practicing and equipment.
From the May 1973 issue of GUITAR
No More Messin’ With The Kid  by Scott Duncan. A well done tribute to Rory's influence on the writer done in 8/74 for Blueprint in a very respectful, but not gloomy way
Roadshows: Nice one Rory! by John Wishart  A glowing review conveying the excitement surrounding Rory's show at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow on April 9, 1978 From the 4/15/78 issue of Record Mirror
Messin' with a 'quake in Brum by Jerry Gilbert  Another very positive review done for the 3/18/72 issue of SOUNDS detailing Rory's show in Birmingham, UK
Rockupation '77 by Kensho Ohnuki. From the Tour Book from Rory's 1977 tour of Japan. It includes some nice photos and a review of Rory's appearance at Montreux that year
Rory's Regalia by Chas de Whalley  A detailed look at Rory's guitars, amps, effects and how he uses them. Unknown source from the 1980's  (probably Sounds magazine)
Rory's Guitartechniques by John Carnie  A well done series of articles about Rory's acoustic technique and some interesting  history of acoustic blues. A good read even for non-guitarists. From the fanzine Signals, published in 1997 & 1998
In a Spin – A Monthly Record Review  Blueprint: Rory Gallagher A brief, positive review of Blueprint from the May 1973 issue of Screen 'n' Heard
John Perry's Fretwork: Rory Gallagher A good piece from the 2/89 issue of  International Musician & Recording World touching on some of Rory's history, influences, admiration of Dylan, some guitar talk, & some compliments to RG for sticking to his rocking blues roots.
Rory Gallagher  A good article touching on all phases of guitars and equipment done interview style in the June 1978 issue of the Dutch magazine, Music Maker
Rory Gallagher : Lyceum by Neil Norman  A less than glowing review of Rory's 1980 show at the Lyceum.  Need help with the source of this article
Interview: Rory Gallagher An interesting article touching on Fender vs Gibson, Rory's approach to exciting the crowd, The Stones rumours etc. from March 1975 issue of Hot Licks, a music magazine from New Zealand
Rory Gallagher: Comparisons Inadequate by Stewart O'Reilly  A review of Rory's show at The Town Hall in Auckland, NZ from the 3/75 issue of Hot Licks. It also addresses the comparisons made at the time of Rory's show and Rick Wakeman's show in the same town
All work, but Rory’s playing isn't dull by Fachtna O’Kelly  Two brief  'what are they up to now?' pieces first about Rory, then John Wilson from the 11/25/73 issue of New Spotlight
Biography: Rory Gallagher  The 2/76 Polydor Records Press Kit with a review of Rory's life and career to date, a few quotes and a nice photo. Interesting write-up for a press kit added
Rory Gallagher: JINX A glowing review of Rory's release of JINX from the May 5, 1982 issue of Melody Maker written by Paul Strange
Defender of the Faith by Derek Oliver. (From the 11/14/87 issue of Kerrang) After a long break between albums, Rory discusses the making of the Defender album and his return to more blues based music. a good article
Rory Gallagher: Full Blooded Gallagher by Keith Altham  A good interview from the 11/13/73 issue of New Musical Express with the interviewer hoping to get info on Rory's personal life, but instead getting a good interview on Rory's approach to music & his own fame
Self-Aid: Rory Gallagher In 1986, a 14 hour marathon was held in Dublin's Croke Park to focus on unemployment in Ireland at the time. The marathon was broadcast over the RTE. TV and the Radio 2 in Ireland. This is the write-up done about Rory in the programme
Fresh Evidence Two positive reviews of Rory's 1990 release, Fresh Evidence. The first was done by Carol Clerk for Melody Maker and the second by Paul Du Noyer for Q magazine.
Album Notes: Rory Gallagher-Tattoo by Howard P. Mosher  A very positive review of  Rory's 1973 release of the Tattoo album. From the February 1974 issue of Guitar Player
Rory- this is something else by Howard Fielding   Rory creates excitement on his return to the UK after touring the US and with the addition of Lou Martin to the band. From the 12/23/72 issue of SOUNDS
Gallagher: I'd work every day if I could by Pamela Holman  A good interview done for the Feb. 19, 1972 issue of New Musical Express dealing with Rory's start in music, band history, his approach to playing and future plans. Interesting comments about band members roles
Calling Card A positive, well done review of Rory's release of 'Calling Card' done by Mick Brown for the October 9, 1976 issue of SOUNDS magazine
Gallagher's Travel by Chris Salewicz from the February 1973 issue of Let It Rock. A brief article dealing with Rory's influences and growing preference for acoustic playing
Rory, Rory Hallelujah A review of Calling Card with Roger Glover aiding the production, plus the writer's view of the sad state of new music at the time. From 10/28/76 issue of the Dutch publication, HUMO added
Live Gallagher by Tony Stewart  Rory discusses his live work and  recordings versus the studio work as Live in Europe was released and the role of the band members. From the 5/27/72 issue of New Musical Express
Rory Gallagher: Blues Boy Beats The Sequin Set  Rory talks about his path to success, doing it his way and sticking to his blues roots as the rock world moved to flash and glitter. From a 1972 issue of CIRCUS  magazine
The Taste Story by Trevor Hodgett   John Wilson talks about his days with Taste shortly after Rory's death. From the 8/95 issue of Blueprint. The good & the bad and what went wrong
Rory Gallagher by Air Wreck Genheimer  From the March '77 issue of CREEM, this appears to be a review of Calling Card, but is actually a very amusing piece with the writer bemoaning the lack of attention Rory got.....don't miss this one!
Rory Gallagher  by Peter Douglas   An interesting look at the coordination of the sound & cameras for a live show at the Hammersmith Odeon being recorded for radio & television for ‘Sight and Sound’. From the March '77 issue of Beat Instrumental
Where ego they go...with no complaints by Rex Anderson  A good look at the background roles of Rory's bandmates and their approach to that position.  From the 5/17/75 issue of New Musical Express
Busy Rory just wants to play by Peter Harvey  Rory talks about the need for musicians to stay active performing and not just a stadium events. From the 8/10/74 issue of RECORD & radio MIRROR
I Saw Myself Just Like Eddie Cochran   A good article from the 9/74 issue of MUSIC WORLD & BEAT INSTRUMENTAL touching on some Rory history, equipment, songwriting and his approach to integrating lyrics with the music.
Rory Gallagher Packs Colonial A short write-up about Rory's extended appearance at Toronto's Colonial Tavern in 1973, along with a brief review of Blueprint. From the 4/7/73 issue of RPM The Programmers WEEKLY
RORY The Show Must Go On Forget the Broken Thumb! by Steve Solomon  The story of  Rory breaking his thumb, his mindset on producing albums and the lead guitar from a 1979 (?) article from ?.  NEED HELP WITH THE SOURCE OF THIS ONE
Rory Gallagher : Jinx by Chas De Whalley  A short, very positive review of Jinx from the May 1982 issue of Kerrang
Rory Gallagher : Blueprint by Chris Salewicz  This is a pretty positive review of Blueprint April 1973 issue of Let It Rock despite the writer's reservations about Rory's voice
Rory Gallagher : Rory Gallagher by noted music critic, Lester Bangs.  A scathing 'review' of Rory's first post Taste album from the January 1, 1972 issue of Phonograph Record. 
Soul Man by Dave Ling    A wonderful 10 page feature story on Rory from the March 2003 issue of Classic Rock.   History, quotes from Donal & Gerry, great photos by Fin Costello.  Check this one out!
Pure & Simple by Jim Kozlowski   As artists went for more flash & showmanship, Rory patiently stayed the course, insisting on substance in his music. From the October 1976 issue of  Rock Around the World
Gallagher: A Reluctant Irish Hero  A good interview from the 12/76 issue of International Musician and Recording World with a focus on the recording of Calling Card, Rory's acoustic guitars and his take on the release of singles.
In this corner...  An unidentified article from 1979 telling the story of Rory's dust up with the Jefferson Starship and the aftermath of Rory leaving their tour.  Can anyone identify the source (might be CREEM)???
Radio Clyde Interview  A transcription of Tom Russell's interview of Rory as he finished his sound check at The Pavilion Theatre - Glasgow October 4th 1987 during the Defender tour.
The Concert Forecast in Flanders: Cloudy with sunny spells by Marc Didden  A mixed review of the musical tours in Belgium done in 1973. Deep Purple bombed while Rory excelled. From the 12/27/73 issue of HUMO from Belgium
Rory Gallagher: Hammersmith Odeon- London by Derek Oliver  A mostly positive review of Rory's 10/16/87 show at the Hammersmith Odeon done for the Kerrang issue of 11/14/87
Wheeling and Dealing Shiv Cariappa's interview of Donal Gallagher as Wheels Within Wheels is released in 2003. That  release and Donal's business dealings in getting more material released are explored. (this interview was done in the preparation of Article #274)
Rory Gallagher: Photo Finish by Roberto Palombit  A mostly positive review of Photo Finish as Rory moves to a 3 piece band and a little less blues based sound. From the October 18, 1978 issue of the Dutch publication, OOR
RORY’S LATEST IS WHAT HIS FANS EXPECT by Richard Green.   This is a positive review of Deuce by Richard Green as he was leaving New Musical Express after many years. From the 12/4/71 issue of New Musical Express
Foghat/ Rory Gallagher by Michael Davis   The writer compares releases by veterans rockers. Rory's Top Priority and Foghat's Boogie Motel.  Guess which one he liked! From the January 1980 issue of CREEM
British rock: Are we facing disaster?  Rory gives his views on some major changes in the rock industry as it faces a gloomy future. From the 9/24/74 issue of Melody Maker
MESSIN' WITH THE KID: RORY GALLAGHER IN CORK by Monty Smith  A positive review of Rory's music and of the 1987 Live in Cork video. From the April 1990 issue of Q Magazine
Rory Gallagher: Stage Struck A look at the Stage Struck release and a statement of the status Rory should have received from the April 1980 issue of Rock Scene
Front Row Reviews: Rory Gallagher:Edinburgh-Usher Hall by Stuart Hoggard  An upbeat review of Rory's appearance at Usher Hall on 1/15/77. From a 1977 issue of National RockStar
Rory Gallagher cannot picture himself not making music by Robert Briel   Rory is interviewed for the 11/71 issue of OOR as makes the transition from Taste to the Rory Gallagher Band
On The Boards: Taste A write-up dealing with Taste's growing popularity taken from a promotional songbook from the On The Board release in 1970 added
RORY GALLAGHER, "Sinner and Saint" by Dan Menn  A very positive review of the compilation and of Rory from the 9/75 issue of Guitar Player
Rock: Rory Gallagher by Robert Palmer A review of Rory's Bottom Line appearance taken from the 9/7/79 issue of the New York Times. It deals with Rory's ability to remain valid with the power trio long after most bands couldn't
Rory thrills Montreal by Bill Mann A brief, positive write-up of Rory's 1974 appearance in Montreal. A not so glowing report on the opening acts, Rush and Nazareth. From the 11/23/74 issue of Melody Maker
Photo Finish - Rory Gallagher by Bob Sheridan   A mostly positive review of the Photo Finish album. The article is from 1978, from an unknown source (Help appreciated!)
Rory Gallagher: Hard to Forget by Steve Morse  A positive article anticipating Rory's return to Boston's Paradise Theater after a 5 year absence.  From the Boston Globe, March 29, 1991
Rory Gallagher, David Lindley, Juan Martin and Richard Thompson at London's Dominion Theatre by John Garret
This review from the 3/24/84 issue of Kerrang examines "Guitar Night at the Dominion Theatre" as 4 great guitarists appeared with mixed results
Japan Tour Report by Yoichi Shibuya  A very positive review of Rory's show at Shibuya Kokaido 1/26/75 by one of Japan's top rock critics. From the 3/75 issue of the Japanese publication, Music Life  added
Y’see son, Taste were like that…by R.H.(Rory Hollingworth)  A funny writeup of the Live Taste album taken from the 2/20/71 issue of Melody Maker
IT'S NICE TO BE IN MY HOME SOMETIMES by Toshinori Yajima  From 1977, an interesting piece translated from "The Handbook" (Player Corp-Japan)   Some GREAT photos!
Rory Gallagher A 1975 article from an unknown source detailing Rory's career to that point and Rory surviving changes in the music scene. HELP appreciated in identifying the source added
For Addicts only by Steve Gett  A mixed review of the 'Top Priority"album from the 8/25/79 issue of Melody Maker. Not sure I'm buying some of the writer's opinions added
Overpowered the audience by his earnest passion for Blues by Kazuhisa Yoneda  A very postive review of the energy of Rory's show at Tokyo's at Yubinchokin Hall, Shiba on January 23rd, 1974. From the 3/74 issue of the Japanese publication, Music Life. added
LIVE LINES: RORY GALLAGHER FOR MACROOM FESTIVAL From the FIRST issue of Hot Press (June 9, 1977). A writeup about Rory headlining Ireland's first major open air festival, The Macroom Mountain Dew Festival held from 6/17 to 6/26, 1977. More articles on the festival to follow added
The Kid's out on the Boards Again A bit of history and information about Rory's touring as he readied to headline the Macroom Festival. From the FIRST Hot Press Volume 1, No.1, June 9th, 1977 added
Ridin' Down a Country Mile by Niall Stokes A lengthy review of the Macroom Festival capturing the excitement leading to Ireland's 1st open iar festival.  From the FIRST Hot Press Volume 1, No.1, June 9th, 1977 added
BLUEPRINT:THE ROAD TO MACROOM by Dermot Stokes The final article from the FIRST Hot Press Volume 1, No.1,
 June 9th, 1977 with some details about the town of Macroom and the Castle grounds
Flanneled Virtuoso: Rory Gallagher by Susan Whitall   A very  positive article from Creem Special Edition – Jan/Feb 1982 "Guitar Heroes of Rock 'n 'Roll' added
LIVE YOUR LIFE THE MOANING WAY: BOTTLENECKS  by Maarten de Boer  No Rory content in this article from OOR (7/11/79). It's a short history and informational piece about the guitar slides . It does include a photo of Rory playing the slide added
RORY GALLAGHER: IRISH BLUES, WHISKEY AND BLOOD  A positive review of  a lot of Rory's career  from the  March 2000 issue of the Spanish magazine Ruta 66.  Some nice insights added
Rory rarin' to go by Rosiland Russell   A good piece about touring in America, playing small clubs and large open-air festivals and his future touring plans. From the 12/16/72 issue of  DISC added
Rory Gallagher by Wim Verbei   A VERY positive review of Rory's 12/74 show at Rotterdam “Doelen” from the 1/16/74 issue of OOR.  Check out the translator's note! added
Rory Gallagher: The Olympia Theater, Dublin by Paul O'Mahony    A glowing review of Rory's 4 night sell out of the Olympia Theatre after the release of Defender. Need help with the source of this article! added
Rory Gallagher: The Olympia Theater, Dublin by Paul O'Mahony    A glowing review of Rory's 4 night sell out of the Olympia Theatre after the release of Defender. Need help with the source of this article! added
'I try to keep the balance between madness and technique'  Rory Gallagher talks to John Dalton for the 9/78 issue of Guitar–the magazine for all guitarists.  A GREAT article, especially for guitarists...LOTS of information about guitars, strings and everything that  went into that Rory Gallagher sound added
A Lust for Life by Janice Moir  A lively piece done for the May 1979 issue of SUPERPOP  filled with lots of  quotes from Rory showing his clear vision about the music business and his place in it added
Gallagher uses 'natural approach' by Raj Babadur  Rory was always a big hit in Cleveland, Ohio. The writer explores Rory's popularity there as well as what might have kept Rory from a bigger overall status. From the 1126-12/3, 1975 issue of Northeastern Ohio SCENE added
Catching the real Rory on Wax by Rory Hollingworth   A glowing review of  Rory's 1972 release of  "Live in Europe" from the May 6, 1972 issue of  Melody Maker. If you're a Rory fan, you'll love this one added
Ronnie Drew Interview  Dino McGartland's 2001 interview of  The Dubliners' Ronnie Drew about how he first met Rory and how their friendship developed. Previously unpublished added
Gallagher at a gallop by Andrew Tyler  A  good interview of Rory talking about his approach to stardom, his need to keep playing and performing, the new lineup and playing in Belfast. . From the 2/24/73 issue of  DISC added
Rory Gallagher is Happy with what He Has  An excellent interview with Rory dealing with his recording plans, stardom, some history and a whole lot of that Rory Gallagher mindset. From the 10/30/77 issue of  OOR. (?) added
Rory Gallagher- NO SMOKE –NO MASCARA –NO HYPE! by Famous Shamus for the June 29, 1978 issue of STARLIGHT (Irish Entertainment weekly) dealing with his decision to remove Lou& Rod from the lineup, producing his own albums, the current music scene and The Macroom Festival added
Rory Gallagher:Japan Tour 1977  An excellent 3 part article done for 12/77 issue of the Japanese magazine, Ongaku Senka. The 1st part is an interview done by Yusaka Matsumura.  The 2nd part is a Tour Report  done by the same writer. The 3rd part is a review by Yukio Miwa added
In the midst of a blues boom, Rory Gallagher roars back by Susan Whitall    Rory returns to the US in 1991touring behind the release of Fresh Evidence after a six year hiatus from the States. The article centers around Rory's show in Detroit and a revival in interest in the blues. From a 3/91 issue of  The Detroit News added
Ireland's powerhouse bluesman by Don Waller  A review of Rory opening for the Doobie Bros at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in 1976, The article also explores Rory's  balancing his own political views and performance & music. From a music& entertainment weekly published in Philadelphia called happytimes added
WA magazine by Ian Walker   A positive review of Photo Finish, along with some Rory history. Based on the release of the album, the article is from 1979.  no.15  added
Rory Gallagher : Aylesbury Friars  by Phang  A short,  positive review of Rory's Sept.24, 1980  show at the Friars' Club in Aylesbury in the UK taken from an unknownpublication.  His opening act...U2 ! added
Rory Gallagher: Calling Card   Two brief, mixed reviews of Rory's 1976 release of Calling Card.  NEED HELP WITH SOURCE added
Performers: Rory Gallagher  A brief biography and discography from an unknown source. The page simply reads "Performers" and includes alphabetical biographies and discographies on various stars  added
Rory Gallagher -The wild tramp of Heavy Rock From the October 11, 1979 issue of BRAVO, a German magazine. A typical pop magazine look at  Rory after the recording of 'Top Priority' added
Rory Gallagher's come back  Ths article comes from the April/May 1971 issue of the German magazine, POPFOTO.  In an otherwise amusing piece about Rory's return to the scene after the break up of  Taste, the writer manages to miss the name of the band! check it out added
Articles 401-
Me and My Music  This article comes from the July 25,1970 issue of  Disc and Music Echo.  Rory talks about his musical history, his guitars and about how and  when he wrtites songs.  An interesting approach added
Rory’s wild Deuces by Roy Hollingworth   A very positive review of Rory's second album, Deuce, taken from the 11/13/71 issue of Melody Maker touching on how Rory music and songwrting have grown without losing the energy added
Back To The Basic Blues Roots by Judy Black  A fine article after the release of Fresh Evidence and Defender finds Rory discussing a return to his blues roots,  his role in opening doors for other performers and his preference for the 3 piece band. From the 3/91 issue of Cleveland Scene added

The Best of Taste by John McDermott   These are the liner notes from the CD by the same name. A well written  biography of Rory and the history of  Taste.  (originally posted to the Reviews section of RoryON!! on 12/4/99) added
Under exposed by Steve Gett   A somewhat mixed review of the long awaited "Photo-Finish" album written for the October 7, 1978 issue of  Record Mirror added
Crest of a Wave shows off the best of guitar hero Rory Gallagher  by Steve Newton  A  positive review of the release of the Crest of a Wave compilation. The writer also does a nice job explaining his own rediscovery of Rory. Originally posted to the Vancouver, Canada website on 10/2/09. Posted with permission from the writer added
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock  compiled by Nick Logan and Bob Woffinen of the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS.  A fairly accurate Rory history to date (1977) from the Harmony Books series added
Rory: Rockin' Irish Rover by Linda Solomon  A fine article from 9/15/74 issue of the US publication called THE GIG touching on Rory's  touring, songwriting and instruments.  A real good read added
IRISH FUGITIVE IS CAUGHT by Harry Doherty   An amusing article/interview done for the 10/5/41 issue of  DISC magazine. The writer is finally able to catch up to the always on the move, Rory Gallagher added
Rory Gallagher: Against The Grain by  Chas.  de Whalley   A luke warm  review of  Against the Grain  taken from the  11/22/1975  issue of  New  Musical Express added
Rory: The quiet Corkman who became the World's No. 1 Guitarist  A great piece tracing the path Rory took to being voted as the World's No. 1 guitarist in the Melody Maker poll.  Taken from the November 1972 issue of the Irish magazine, NEW SPOTLIGHT added
KING OF THE BLOOZE  by Stephen Roche  A great interview from a 1991 issue of the US publication SECONDS. Rory talks in-depth about his position in the musical world...where he's been, where he hopes to be and why added
Rory-ing success by Jackie Finch  A brief, positive review of Rory's 12/8/73 appearance at London's Rainbow Theatre from the 1/19/74 issue of  Fabulous  magazine from the UK added
Roadrunners by Idris Walters   A positive review of Rory's late '75 UK tour and a look at Rory's approach to style & music. From the January 10-23, 1976 issue of  STREETLIFE from England added
Rory's men live the blues by Dick Meadows   The first Rory Gallagher Band members talk about their connections to the blues and the growth of the band post-Taste done for the 2/5/72 issue of SOUNDS added
Introducing a Taste of the anti-big-time by Roy Shipston   Taste branches out to bigger tours. Rory talks about the importance of  playing club dates and maintaining who they are (with rumors of a breakup about)  From the 10/17/70 issue of DISC added
Rock on, Rory!  This writeup is from the 1980 Reading Rock Festival programme as Rory makes his 3rd appearance at the Festival, ( the 2nd time as a headliner) . A brief, positive review of Rory's career to date added
Beatleg Calling Card  A look back to changes in the band as Rod moved on.  This article included 2 other previously posted articles detailing the changes.  From the January 2010 issue of the japanese magazine, beatleg added
I'm not afraid of failure hereby Shay Healy  Rory looks to make his mark in America after establishing himself  in The UK and Europe.  (Lou & Rod now with the band)    From the 9/21/72 issue of the Irish magazine, New Spotlight added
Good Taste  A brief article from the 2/28/70 issue of DISC magazine dealing with the growing popularity of Taste through a wide range of  audiences and venues. added
RORY: RESPECT IS WHAT YOU GET  An interview with Rory from the 8/24/74 issue of  SOUNDS  magazine as Rory works to make his mark in the US at his own pace added
Rory's Havin' a Ball by Jerry Gilbert  Rory has fun touring the US after switching to a 4 piece band. He's a bit frustrated with being stuck doing short sets as an opening act.   From the 8/26/72 issue of SOUNDS added
On the Gallagher Trail: RORY,THE MAN and THE MYTH  A nice article from the 2/8/73 issue of the Irish magazine, New Spotlight about Rory's triumphant return to Cork's City Hall  in December 1972 added
Ladies & Gentlemen, on guitar…RORY GALLAGHER by Graham Neale.  A  mighty fine interview done for Way Ahead magazine in 1977. Rory talks about  touring the US, playing the changing club scene, releasing singles, wearing out the Strat, replacing his AC30, bands staying together and the recording of Calling Card added
Bootleg Blues A brief article about the release of the G-Men Bootleg Series as Rory follows Frank Zappa's lead  in 'bootlegging the bootleggers'. From the 12/16/92 issue of Hot Press added
A Taste of the Blues  An OK article about Taste from the 2/8/69 issue of Jackie (a weekly magazine for girls) done in the "Pete meets the new groups column".   Not so certain about the accuracy of the article added
The Rory Gallagher Story by Brigitte 'Bibi' Lehmann  From the 3/1973 issue of the German magazine, Popfoto. This article/interview was done as Rory prepared for his show at The Philipshalle in Düsseldorf with new band mates, Rod De'ath and Lou Martin. Some history and  answers to some interesting questions. Links to Bibi's great photo slide show with music  added
No Labelling this Taste  From the 3/29/69 issue of Melody Maker.  Rory comments on the influences and style of Taste (MK2) as the band starts to generate a big following. added
Go Get This Taste A very positive article from the 6/1969 issue of the Irish magazine, New Spotlight as Taste emerged as one of the top bands with a bright future.  added
Rory Revisited by Paul Murray   A nice recap of Rory's history and influences to date. From Issue NR.75 from the Irish publication New Spotlight in 1975.  Very similar to a Ploydor press kit from 1976 (see article 320) added
L.P.Blockbuster  Two articles from a 1971 issue of the Irish publication, New Spotlight. The first is a review of the new "Rory Gallagher" album written by Pat Egan. The second by Shay Healy, is a writeup about Stud (the new band created by John Wilson & Richie McCracken) after the breakup Of Taste.   New Spotlight Vol.4 NR48  1971 added
Bottom Line Show by Rory Gallagher by John Rockwell.  A mixed review of Rory's February 1976 shows at the Bottom Line Cabaret in New York City  written for the New York Times. added
Rory Rules O.K.  Rory returns to Ireland to accept a Starlight magazine award for International Act of the Year with his sights set on the States.  From the April 1976 issue of the Irish magazine, Starlight (nr.10) added
Rory's Story by Mike Flood Page from the Dec. 14, 1974 issue of SOUNDS.  A great interview with Rory, over some pints of Guinness in Cork, with Rory giving some very interesting views on his influences and how he tries to build them into his music added
Rory Gallagher: The Man from West Cork  by Michael Wale from the 3/23/73 issue ot The Times from the UK.  A look into the unassuming lifestyle Rory lived and his commitment to the blues and his music added
Rory Gallagher: Blueprint  by Dann DeWitt  A NASTY review of Rory's direction as Blueprint is released.  From the Reviews section of the July 1973 issue of CREEM.    added
Rory Gallagher Roars Back With A Roots-blues Album By Chris Heim  This is a nice article/ interview done after the the release of Fresh Evidence  done for the 3/22/91 issue of the Chicago Tribunce added
Live Rory Film and Album Due in June    A brief writeup from the June 1, 1974 issue of SOUNDS magazine detailing the release of the Irish Tour '74 film and album. added

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