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WHADDYA mean, you thought he was dead?
And stop sniggering at the back there! Listen, "Jinx" is one of the finest examples of a man rising from the grave, and nearly 2,000 years ago that made you a savior. Only right and proper that the same should happen today.

Let's face it: in years to come, "Jinx" will be mentioned in the same breath as "Tattoo" and "Blueprint"; believe me, it's that good.
Why is this, we ask? Well there's the material - songs like the raw, raucous and sexually aggressive "Signals", the ridiculously fast punch and slurp of "Bourbon", the uncompromisingly urgent "Big Guns" and the hard-fought and battling "Loose Talk" immediately announce that Gallagher's back on form with a victorious vengeance. They spit white hot venom designed to split your speaker cones and start a war with the neighbours, and you know who's got the winning hand!
Or try the more subtle approach with the deliciously dangerous "Double Vision". If Gallagher's delicately placed rippling harmonics at the beginning don't floor the neighbours, then you'll have them running for cover with the fruity runs of rich, passionate guitar that leap all over the mix at the end.

But blow the main fanfares for the title track - "Jinxed". A compassionate, bravely-argued theory about life's misfortunes and lost love, it's brought sharply into focus with wailing harp, bitter, snarling vocals, and two gorgeous guitar breaks riding rough-shod over a tempestuous sea of sympathetic brass and relentless tom toms. Magnificent!

Of course, it's not just the material - rich in quality and flavour though it is - which marks "Jinx" as a Gallagher classic. The supporting roles - Gerry McAvoy (bass) and  Brendan O'Neill (drums) are cunningly conceived; sharp, observant pieces of playing that finely and creatively complement Gallagher's careening solos and strong chord work.

Definitely one of the best blues rock albums of the year; the dinosaur theory was made to be broken.

From the May 22,1982 issue of Melody Maker
Thanks to John Wainwright for passing it along
the photo is from an advertisement I had saved
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