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Rory's versatility is unrivaled in the blues and rock world


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Rory Gallagher: The Man from West Cork  by Michael Wale from the 3/23/73 issue of The Times from the UK.  A look into the unassuming lifestyle Rory lived and his commitment to the blues and his music added
Rory Gallagher: Blueprint  by Dann DeWitt  A NASTY review of Rory's direction as Blueprint is released.  From the Reviews section of the July 1973 issue of CREEM.    added
Rory Gallagher Roars Back With A Roots-blues Album By Chris Heim  This is a nice article/ interview done after the the release of Fresh Evidence  done for the 3/22/91 issue of the Chicago Tribune added
Live Rory Film and Album Due in June    A brief writeup from the June 1, 1974 issue of SOUNDS magazine detailing the release of the Irish Tour '74 film and album. added

Rory Gallagher His Life and Times 

By Marcus Connaughton

Rory Gallagher is a hero and icon of rock music. He inspired guitar players from The Edge to Johnny Marr, Slash to Gary Moore, Johnny Fean to Philip Donnelly, Declan Sinnott to Brian May. He toured incessantly and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. In 1963, at the age of fifteen, Rory bought his trademark Fender Stratocaster. He discovered the blues when pop magazines and radio were scarce in Ireland and later won the Melody Maker Guitarist of the Year in 1972, ahead of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Acknowledged as one of the world's leading guitarists, he collaborated with his boyhood hero Muddy Waters, played with Jerry Lee Lewis, Albert King and Lonnie Donegan.

In this compelling biography, contemporaries, fellow musicians, film maker Tony Palmer and Taste drummer John Wilson tell stories about Rory from his meteoric rise in the late-1960s with Taste to his remarkable solo career. This is a compelling testament to the musical life of a shy and retiring working-class hero, distinguished by his check shirts and his astounding dexterity on acoustic and electric guitar - the guitarist and blues man who blazed a trail for others to follow.

Click here for a candid interview with author and Rory fan Marcus Connaughton

To order from Collins Press

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Rory and the Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame
Go to this site and sign this Petition to get Rory a desrving place in the Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame
Get Rory Gallagher inducted into the Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame click
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Sign the petition to have the Cork Airport renamed
"Cork Rory Gallagher Airport"    
Petition Online  (click on link)

Check out Bibi Lehmann's
Great Video Presentation about the idea with Rory's music as a background
(click on link)
You'll love it!
Sign the petition to have BBC4 brocadcast Rory's shows
We are trying to get the BBC to honour Rory Gallagher by playing his shows on BBC4. I have made a petition and it also has a Facebook page and I would be honoured if you were to put it on your website and let everyone you know about it, it would mean the world. It has received the backing of Band of Friends which has the sublime Ted McKenna and Gerry McAvoy and Marcel Scherpenzeel. So, big endorsement and we are so grateful. I have contacted the BBC and slowly but surely I think it will be done.
Kindest regards,  Kari
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Donal interview about Bob Dylan and Rory see SONGS & STORIES on the RELEASES page

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