RORY GALLAGHER will be seen and heard on film, on record and "live" in the near future.

The film, "Rory Gallagher- Irish Tour'74" is a 90 minute documentary by Tony Palmer based on a series of gigs in Belfast, Dublin and Cork during January this year.

The film, described by Palmer as " an impressionistic view of Rory on tour", will be in wide-screen, color and stereo. It has been selected as an official entry for the Cork Film Festival and Rory will be in Cork for the official showing at the Capitol Cinema on June 10.

There is no commentary in the film- the only voice heard is Rory's talking about the blues guitar techniques and rock music. Well over an hour of the film will be devoted to "live" performance sequences.

The album will be a "live" double named after the film released by Polydor in mid-June to coincide with the premiere in Cork. It includes the entire film soundtrack, plus other  unreleased "live" recordings.

The film will be premiered in London during the early summer followed by European showing in the autumn. Rory's manager, David Oddie, reports that "Interest in the film is unbelievable. I've got a firm offer of screenings at 300 cinemas through Canada in the autumn."

Rory is at present touring Europe, but will start a short British concert tour in mid-June. A major concrete tour of England is also planned for the Autumn.

This article comes from the June1, 1974 issue of SOUNDS.
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