A.U.N.T.Y. Anon 's  
Lumberjack shirt version tribute for any fan by a fan

Earlier this year I was contacted by a fan who prefers to remain anonymous.  We'll call her  Aunty Anon to give her  a name.  (she says it has nothing to do with the old TV series "Man from  Uncle")

 In a her first email, Aunty Anon wrote
 " Hard as it is to imagine, 2010 marks the 15th year of Rory's passing. Towards the end of 2009 I was laid low for some months, and if it wasn't for your Website ... well, it sure helped the recuperation process and, of all things in the world, before long I was immersed in a Rory Project."

The result of this 'Rory project' was an amazing CD-R full of material ranging from enhanced photos from various sources to some beautiful, information packed PDF presentations.  I've  been a little slow  getting this posted to RoryON!!  because of space problems and  a busy summer.  Not that I've settled some of the issues and have more time, I'll be posting various segment of the CD-R to RoryON!!

Rather than describe this masterpiece, check out the Presentation. See the link to the PDF below

 Aunty Anon's description  of   "Right Here With You To The  End, Rory"

"The PDF is a bold attempt at a rough all-in-one Rory biography, from Fontana to-and-post his passing; of text (article snippets, discography, some lyrics, quotes, time line, accolades, etc.), with many photos, and footage grabs ~ all credited where due so as not to infringe on that pesky encircled "c". However, each image was lovingly edited, repaired, and enhanced (restored*)"

"My goal was to offer "something for everybody". Apart from pics arranged to complement each other and flow visually, there's data about Rory's instruments, his sound, where he got it from, and an abridged re-write about bottlenecks, etc. Then, enough food for wannabe's or those who are forever in "air-guitar-in-the-shower" mode, eye candy for the ladies, humour quips to lighten up the more sombre facts quoted, and most importantly, his faithful team are also mentioned, right down to his secretary. I had hoped to find pics of all of his various band members, but didn't have the time (or budget) to hang around on the WWW that long! However, they're noted 'n quoted, etc., and that includes the tribute muso's, too, as well as celeb condolences, and gleanings from regular fans and forums."

** NOTE: This is a VERY large presentation !!!  Over  27MB. Your patience will be rewarded!!!  ENJOY!
john ganjamie

"In remembrance of one of Blues-Rock's unique heroes, this fan (who asked to remain anonymous)
hopes that it will also bring back happy personal memories of yesteryear.  
Right Here With You To The End, Rory  (click on link)

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