Edinburgh -  Usher Hall

EXCITEMENT was high even before Gallagher entered the hall and the dimming of the houselights signaled a rush for the stage.

It was a false start and the mob of blue denim kids were eased back to their seats.

When their hero did eventually come out, all hell broke loose as he got right into Moonshine followed by Calling Card ... the axeman racing across the stage, fingers justablur ... total energy.

It was total chaos in the stalls, and I was reminded of a Bay City Rollers audience, with individual duels with the bouncers springing up all over the hall.

All this was detracting from the reason I was at the gig to see Rory Gallagher. I could hear, God could I hear, but I would have had to be 6 foot 6 to get anything more than a glimpse of him.

By the half way point, he cooled the whole thing down with three acoustic numbers including When I Was A Cowboy. But as he picked up hit Stratocaster again the riot lights flashed and the bouncers gave up, content to wander about and keep damage to a minimum.

Before things got really crazy it was all over, bar the shouting and there was a lot of that as they sang for their hero’s return. “Nice one Rory, nice one son” etc, and he came back true to form with Messin’ With The Kid.

As I left I heard one punter say (and this is true) “that guy's definitely got star quality.”
Stuart Hoggard.

From National RockStar magazine (date unknown)
background is a mutated photo from the article
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added 7/18/07