rock with rory and the boys in the band

Rory Gallagher isn't interested in the flash clothes and long limousines side of the pop world. When he goes out on stage, he goes just to play and sing. Rory believes in playing fine music the best way he knows how - and that's an attitude that has earned him an adoring fan following.

Over the years, Rory has built up for himself a reputation as one of the world's finest guitarists, whether he is playing heavy blues or simple acoustic numbers.

After working with a showband from the age of fifteen, Rory left his native Ireland for London, where he formed Taste. The group played music that was heavily blues-influenced, and became one of the most successful heavy, blues based trios of the late 1960's..

When Taste split at the height of their success and popularity, Rory set about gathering together a band of musicians who could play the music he really wanted to play - a gutsy mix of blues and rock. He found them in Gerry McAvoy (bass) and Rod De'ath (drums); Lou Martin being added later on keyboards.

The band was a great success from the start, heavily in demand for live concerts and tours all over Europe. They have been able to enjoy success without the familiar showbiz trappings, and still do what they wanted to do right from the start - to go on stage to entertain, and play the music the way it should be played.

This article comes from the Pop Music Annual from 1978.
Thanks to Aiden Ratliff for passing it along
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