Rory Gallagher / guitarist

"I use a Stratocaster 1960 model; for bottleneck guitar I use a Telecaster with Strat pickups and wiring ( to enable it to go out of phase) Also, a National steel-bodied acoustic guitar, a Martine D-38 and some odds and ends.

Don't you have a Silvertone? ( Laughs) "Yeah, I got it for $15. Sometimes with an expensive guitar you get an expensive sound: when you want a cheap sound you need a cheap guitar. You get a rough tone with them...I played it on "Tattoo" and " Cradle Rock" . My Fenders- I like the sound: It's not as fat a sound as other guitars, but it's a question of what people get used to."

"I've been using my Stratocaster since '62 or '63: so it's gotten pretty old. I restring it every second night- I've got a lot of salt in my blood and that and sweat kind of messes them up."

"As for amps. I use Fender Bassman amps- four 10" speakers: sometimes I link it up with Fender Twins.

"Recently I had a tone control put into my treble pickup; normally a Stratocaster has only two (controls); not on the treble. That's the only strange thing I've done.

What, no wah-wah? No, all I have is a tone boost around the amp to overdrive it. I twist the volume controls for a kind of wah effect."

Practice/ "I've been getting back into it- it's important to do scales, even if they're not orthodox scales. Keeping the right hand flexible is important, doing mandolin runs so when you play normally you're more flexible."

This one comes from the October 1976 issue of Creem in a column called "Secrets of the Stars"
Thanks to Billy Major for passing it along
reformatted by roryfan
the background is a Polydor promo photo mutated for this post
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