Throughout February and the early part of March, RORY GALLAGHER has been/is barnstorming round the country spreading his exciting music to the masses, rsbzwho show their enthusiasm by filling all venues to creaking capacity and screaming for more at each and every sell-out performance. By the time this issue comes out, the Gallagher band will be in Scotland-Edinburgh (25th), Ayr (27th), Aberdeen (28th), Inverness (March 1st), Glasgow Greens Playhouse (2nd) and Liverpool Stadium (3rd).

Blues guitarist/singer, Rory Gallagher, with his new band comprising Lou Martin (keyboards), Rod De'ath (drums) and Gerry McAvoy (bass) has a brand new album in the shops, called "Blueprint" on Polydor 2383 189. A real hum­dinger of a session that should more than com­pensate those unlucky enough to miss his 'live' shows. Those who saw 'em will buy it anyway. It's a tremendous package and 'heavier' than anything Rory has ever done before - particularly  "The Seventh Son" track which is long and powerful and will undoubtedly please the pro­gressives.

Hard-hitting and GO all the way, dancers and listeners will each get a lot out of this lineup of tracks. . . "Walk On Hot Coals", "Daughter Of The Everglades", "Banker's Blues" (by Broonzy and played almost trad-style), "Hands Off", "Race The Breeze", "The Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son", "Unmilitary Two-Step" and "If I Had A Reason". Rory wrote everything except "Banker's Blues" and he also produced the album. The recent addition of keyboards in the band improves the overall sound no end, and this is easily Rory's best long-player to date.
This one comes from Record Song Book, January 1973
Thanks to John Spreckley for passing it along
reformatted by roryfan

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