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YOU'VE HEARD of press reviews being done from the bar. Well, Rory Gallagher's triumphant first gig on his return from the States could have come from the radio. Radio Birmingham took the concert live from the Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, but the relayed version can't have done justice to the atmosphere: You'd think he'd been away for more than five months and was a rare live performer judging by his enthusiastic reception.

And his band, of course; Gerry McAvoy, as strong as ever on bass and new drummer, Rod de’Ath, and piano player Louis Martin. Lou Martin was a revelation. Rory had always been a bit of the complete one man show, but when you see this band, you wonder how he ever stood up before. A tremendous blues/boogie pianist. . not only does Lou excel in his own part, he brings another dimension from Rory's guitar as well.

The boys in the rhythm section are really tight too, after so many gigs in the USA. So there's no question that because the line-up is new to this country there are any rough edges. 

Material, until the tour and new album in January, is vintage Gallagher: "Messing With The Kid", "Laundromat", "Used To Be" and the acoustic and slide guitar pieces as usual.

But the sound, if essentially similar, is extended and developed. Like "Should've Learned My Lesson" - the slow blues bringing the piano to the fore with a stunning, tripping solo which brought a mean expression of effort to Rory's face as he pitched his guitar against it. Rory's always had one of the best live acts, but this is something else again.


This article comes from the December 23, 1972 issue of SOUNDS
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