Rory Gallagher
UK guitarist. vocalist. composer.
Born Ballyshannon. County Donegal. Ireland. March 2. 1948.

Career: One of rock's true grafters. Raised in Cork: played in local bands until 15. Joined the Fontana Showband, an amalgam of brass and guitars which played pop hits to enthusiastic dance-hall crowds.

With Charlie McCracken (bass) and John Wilson (drums) formed Taste, high-energy blues/rock trio. Band learned trade in Hamburg and home country before moving to UK in 1969.

Polydor recording contract produced several spirited albums. As live act, band headlined throughout Britain and Europe. Earned ecstatic reviews for Gallagher's dominant acrobatic stage presence and dazzling guitar technique: McCracken and Wilson provided energetic rhythm section.

With Gallagher taking central role, dissension in group grew to extreme proportions, a situation aggravated by unsympathetic management. Wilson often refused to take stage for group encores, leaving Gallagher and McCracken to appease audience. Trio split in 1971, Wilson and McCracken forming short- lived Stud with Jim Cregan (future Family, Rod Stewart).. Band).

Gallagher took to road with Wilgar Campbell (drums) and Gerry McAvoy (bass) using own name as band title. Line-up completed three successful albums before Campbell was replaced by Rod De'Ath. Lou Martin was added on keyboards.

Pursuing a hectic touring schedule, Rory Gallagher Band secured reputation in Europe and America.  Steady album sales meant considerable output with several memorable highlights. Live album Irish Tour 74 captured gregarious Gallagher at his best. Director Tony Palmer filmed gigs for his movie 'Rory Gallagher-lrish Tour '74. which premiered at prestigious Cork Film Festival that year .

After '76 set Calling Card, De'Ath and Martin quit. Drummer Ted McKenna (ex-Alex Harvey Band) joined for  Photo Finish (1978). 1980 world tour provided live cuts for Stage Struck (1980). Album showed Gallagher still loved the road. '82 Jinx collection maintained enthusiastic studio approach.

Complete absence from both UK/US singles charts during recording career belies Gallagher's popular appeal. Steadfastly refusing to 'commercialise' his work and rejecting 'pop' format TV shows. which he feels could not do his work justice, Gallagher is secure in knowledge that he is playing authentic rock-based blues to undiminished ecstatic audiences.

Guitar: Fender Stratocaster Martin acoustic, also mandolin.

This one comes from the Harmony Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock. (1986)
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