newspot429a Now being savoured in many parts of the world, the Taste are fast becoming an international name. Blues span the world as a medium that reaches the souls of all kinds of people. So does the inspired music of Rory Gallagher, who started the group and continues to lead onto to new heights.
It's a long way from Cork, where Taste was born, to Tokyo or Mexico. But the emotive brilliance spans time and the Continents in a way that can only be described as remarkable.

Taste's album, knocked by some of the experts, but a gem to those who love Gallagher and his work is selling all over the world.... In fact, it looks like being a giant step in the ladder of fame now being climbed by the Irish lads.

Taste were a rave to those who understood their kind of sounds when they were formed two years ago. Then, with Rory as leader, they were three Cork lads with a rare insight to bringing emotion to sound.

Later they were to make Belfast their base and to win new acclaim. But while Ireland has its proportion of ardent followers, the number is not that large. Gallagher felt they could conquer wider fields. So to London.

Again, in that city's Marquee Club they won acclaim. They were heralded as stiff competition for the Cream (since broken up) and the Fleetwood Mac. Those who really dig the blues said Taste would conquer the world.newspot429b

The group is different now from the trio that set out to win fame. But it is led and inspired by Rory Gallagher, backed by two Northern boys- Ritchie McCracken and John  Wilson.

Connoisseurs in the medium think that Rory- brilliant lead guitarist, composer of star quality and great vocalist - is incomparable as a blues man. It has been said of him that he combines emotion and dynamics in a manner that really inspires.

Like many of great in the medium, the music and its messages are far more important than fame. Playing to a few who are moved is really more important than wide acclaim.

But the plaudits come.....Only a short time ago, Rory and Taste were voted above Cream and Fleetwood Mac in a Netherlands poll. Those who know say it's only a matter of time (and not a long stretch either) until Taste are regarded as top of the world in the medium.

Much of this comes from the remarkable gift of Gallagher fort melody and lyrics. They're meant to move emotionally. An they do. In this, mainly, and in the great musical ability of the three lies a great future for the Irish boys.

Emotionally, the three become one in a rare combination of thought and musical unity. Richie McCracken, the bass man, matches playing patterns to Rory's every change in rhythm and accentuation.

Into the fantastic patterns that make up Taste's are music, John Wilson wields he great drumming.

Ken Stewart, one of the most knowledgeable of our pop music people, says: "They are now and I think justifiably, rated very high internationally. But I felt they could have been a bit more adventurous on their album. Despite this, they are great and I look forward eagerly to their next LP."

"Gallagher is, of course, the Taste. He could go into any group in the world, no matter how high they might be rated."

Our group man, Pat Egan, says of Taste: "I feel that the Netherlands vote indicates the talent of the trio. As they progress more polls will come up with the same result....that the Taste are ahead of Cream and Fleetwood Mac."

For the Taste, the future looks bright indeed. Soon. it is felt, they will be a top-of-the-world name. Not just in the blues - Rory Gallagher does not want any particular tag - but as an all-around musical hit.

From the June 1969 issue of the Irish magazine New Spotlight
reformatted by roryfan

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added  8/14/11