Still even simple, still even good:
Rory Gallagher

{Nog even gewoon, nog even goed}

Still in his chequered shirt, his jeans and still without any form of make-up, we find Rory Gallagher once again on a big American tour. He still has as much success as he always had. It is a simple matter with the guitar-virtuoso, he is good and he stays good. Every now and then, he attracts our attention with a new album and that is the again the case with ' Against the Grain '. And also like the previous albums, this the best album so far.  

The new album

Rory Gallagher: "I also believe it is the best record so far. We have always done our best with the live work, and on this album we accomplish approximately the same in the studio area. People frequently said that the live albums were good, but the studio records were clearly weaker.  That time is gone now, I believe. It has been two years now since 'Tattoo' was released, and before starting this one, I took a close listen to the previous albums. We are also two years wiser and everything has become a little better. This time I use some brass on the record. I would like that on stage as well, but you get limited in your freedom there. Sometimes I like to change halfway through a song, just another tempo in it and I give the members of the band a nod and there it goes. But with a larger group, of course, it becomes harder to just change. We recorded the last album in a 16-track studio, that opens great possibilities of course. We did the previous records in 8-track studios.



That is the translation of 'Against the Grain', a title that beats both on the wood of the guitar and on music itself. The full meaning we must to leave Rory. He has, however, changed title of this album at an advanced stage, that never happened with his previous albums. But all right, we were talking about the American tour and live performances that really gives a kick to Rory. 'That's where my thoughts always are, at live performances. It is the sense of living.  It really gives me a kick and that is, for me,  most important thing in living. Still someone observed recently, that we are on tour eight up to nine months a year. I have looked forward to this American tour.  In Europe, we have done our duty and when we were busy in Europe, I missed America. Now that we are here, I miss Europe a bit.

'Hey, man, you must do something for me, my friend could not come and asks that you just to sign this, please.' Rory smiles and once more puts out  his signature. He still finds it an honour. Another one wants to have the Rory's plectrum. He gets it. A third asks advice concerning guitar playing. He gets it and a vast amount too. Rory is  prepared to talk to his fans until they know or understand what they want to. 'Oh, I think it's fantastic to talk with those people. I am not that kind that flashes away in a limousine and let others tell them that I'm private property and don't talk to people. Because you are a entertainer doesn't give you the right to look down on other people. I like, however, to see the rest of showbiz in special suits, spacesuits and so. It only gives me the strength to stay the one I am. People, as a matter of fact, wouldn't tolerate me in other clothes. They are used to this and off stage I wear the same thing. It is no image. It has simply come since the time of Muddy Waters. Perhaps that you get influenced that way.'
We can talk this way for hours with Gallagher. He works with his friends, Gerry McAvoy (bass), Lou Martin (keyboards), Rod de'Ath (drummer) and brother Donald and has signed a contract at Chrysalis record.  Rory remains the same, therefore good!

From the December 18,1975 issue of PTP Popweekblad
Thanks to a Dutch Continental Op for translating this article!
reformatted by roryfan
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