Rory Gallagher has played at more pop festivals than most people have had cold hamburgers. He might be expected to have a jaundiced view of festivals, but in fact, Rory feels they are still valid and need not be a nightmare, feared by musicians and the public alike.  RGART15.jpg

"I'm pro-festivals because, from a musician's point of view, they give you a chance to play to audiences who might not normally hear you. And, of course, they are very good exposure for up-and -coming bands - not that there are many of those at moment.

"But it's marvelous for Joe Smith and the Warriors to be able to play on a bill with a lot of big groups, and get an audience of 20,000 listening to them. And it gives musicians a chance to listen to each other.

"But I do think a nine day affair like Watchfield is too long. Three days is about the right length to get everybody together. Watchfield seem a bit strange. I mean the Government gave permission, then kept an eagle eye on the whole affair.

"I wouldn't want to go to a place like that, and atmosphere is the most important thing about a festival.

"For me, the most important points about a festival are not having to go on at 1 AM! If you can get on to play around 7-8 PM, so much the better. For then the people are awake and not exhausted.

"That's the most important thing - and then, of course, you've got to keep 'em awake. Some bands are very nervous about festivals because they're afraid the sound won't be right and they don't have their lights. But I wouldn't be without them. They're a good challenge."

For more information about the Watchfield Festival which Rory mentioned go to
Watchfield Festival

This article comes from the Sept. 9, 1975 issue of Melody Maker
Thanks to Christy Brennan for passing along
Artwork by John Wainwright-Thanks!
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