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Y’see son, Taste were like that…

livetaste.jpgTASTE:  “Live Taste”
(recorded live at the Montreux Casino, Switzerland) (Polydor).

“Dad, who were Taste?”

“Well son, Taste were a blues band.  They came over here from the wild fields of Ireland, with an uncouth brand of music that caused audience hysteria."

“They were led by a chap called Gallagher, Rory Gallagher – who, became a hero.  That was a long time ago, and Gallagher is now leading the Cork Catfish and Sugar Mama Show Boys.  He’s the bald one you saw on the telescreen last light.”

“But dad, this album is just a lot of noise, typical of three people having a shout-up on stage.”

“Well son, when I was your age, many of my generation raved over it.  They called it hard blues, and they used to freak.  Many of us thought it rubbish, but couldn’t explain audience reaction.  You can hear how Gallagher was a fast, gurgling player.  He stamped his foot and wore checked, wool shirts.  This is “Sugar Mama” – virtually their theme tune.  This is them live, quite well recorded for those days too.”

“Why is ‘Feel So Good Part One’ the same as ‘Feel So Good Part Two’ dad?”

“Don’t ask silly questions son, go in the other room and study you McCartney and O’Sullivan.”

“Dad” . . . “What is it now son?”

“Was all music in yours and Mum’s time so square?”

“Not all of it son, not all of it.”
 R. H.
(Note: the article was signed RH who would be Rory Hollingworth)

This article was from Melody Maker – February 20, 1971
Thanks to Brenda O'Brien for shraing and preparing this article
reformatted by roryfan
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added 12/23/07