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This was a short interview on Irish radio from London (12 April 1989) and the following is part of it (unfortunately I missed part of the beginning). Anyway, Dave Fanning interviewed Rory Gallagher in Irish Radio from London 12th April 1989.
Ed Casey  IRL Dublin

DF What are your ambitions for the future?
Do you think you will still be playing at an old age?
RG If you feel at the age of "X", you have had enough, then that's it, but a lot of the old Mississippi Blues artists had actually retired until the Blues revivalists discovered them again the 60's - os I would like to be a cross between Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry and B.B. King.

DF But Eddie Cochran is dead and Chuck Berry hasn't recorded since the 60's.
RG Well, you have a point, but it's still my dream to be a cross of all these great artists.

DF So might there come a time when you just won't like the road anymore and as I was in Dublin last Monday night and I missed the gig at the Mean Fiddler. I heard it was a brilliant show and someone said you prefer the smaller venues.
RG Oh, it was great. And for a start, the band was on form, they were really cooking and I was really coasting with them, and without sounding corny.  Raymond Chandler once said when you start analyzing what you do, you get away from simplicity and I'm trying to work at it, and with luck, I'll get there. Plus you see I write a lot of material also. And I take these songs very seriously. They are not just vehicles to me and the band to get off on, like the rockers and the last album was really the Van Gough album. You know, the cutting of the ear job, so the next one is sounding good and will heal all that. So once that's out of the way, I feel that I'll be on top again.

DF You call it your Van Gough- Defender- would you take it one step further and call it your masterpiece in terms of success. Was it your most successful album of the '80's?  I mean, last year, 1988, in Sounds, you were listed as one of the best musicians and you hadn't been there for ages, so it brought you back into the limelight.
RG Yes, it was my most successful and it did bring me back into the Reader's Poll, but I have never believed in Ronnie Delaney was the best guitarist, etc, etc, etc. It's bad luck for me to comment, but it is a morale boost for me when you see your name in with guys like Prince, etc. And unlike the polls of the 70's when it was XYZ as the best guitarists or drummers- nowadays in terms of achievement, it seems to be who is just in front and have the edge in communication- the usual rock and roll termination.

DF What is the scene with the Rory Gallagher band at the moment - I mean that was a one-off gig on Monday, but are you going to be touring this year?
RG Oh yes. We have enough work out there to keep us going. There is a tour of Australia and Japan, New Zealand, but the priority is really the next album. I want to get this out of the way, the followup to Defender. Not as son of Defender, but very much an independent project, but we will be doing some festival on the continent, some major ones and we are also doing one behind the iron curtain, if one exists in Estonia at Talon and we're doing some dates in Ireland and some festivals here. But in terms of long drawn out back-to-back tours, I think we will keep these for the winter months 'cause the next album is priority for me even though we learned a lot - we got a lot of good things on Defender- I think we can go on better on the new one and we are going to use a lot of primitive equipment! I'm just hooked on the old classics ie: songs from the 40's, 50's,60',70's. Even though I like modern music- it's the oldies I prefer.

DF So we are going to see a followup to Defender, when? The end of the year?
RG Oh yes, definitely as it's been nearly two years since Defender. So this year, the new one is out.

DF Well great! Rory, I'm afraid we are falling behind on time, so we have a few more people to interview also. SO I think we will just play another track from Defender- Once again, Rory thanks for coming in to talk to us tonight for RTE2 Radio.
RG It was my pleasure, Dave.

DF That was the great Rory Gallagher, ladies and gentlemen, thanks again for talking to us Rory.

This interview was posted to Deuce Quarterly #46  Feb 1989
Thanks to John Wainwright for sharing it
reformatted by roryfan
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