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 Rory Gallagher and Rod De'Ath Interview

Tracing the true reason of the breakup of Rory's quartet



Here we have two interviews.  The first interview with Rod De'Ath was conducted b
Mr. Jakob Mulder  for "Signals", a Rory Gallagher fanzine, and appeared on the Fall 1996 issue, after Rory's passing.   The second one is a part of the interview on an Irish magazine called "The Hot Press", from the issue  of  1978 June 9th.

beatleg3The speakers in these two interviews describe how the band, which had lasted for 7 years, broke up abruptly.  It is very clear that  Rory ; the leader of the band, and Rod; who was fired, had quite  divergence of opinions from each other. 

The  Rock scene in England at that time,  was at the peak of the punk movement.  While Rory wanted  tougher and more aggressive sound, Rod liked to create more sophisticated sound.   There was a huge gap between them about what course they wanted their music  to take in the future.  

It seems reasonable for Rory to consider his commercial success since it was his own solo career, and Rod was just a hired band man and able to seek music suited for his own taste .

 After he left Rory's band, Rod met a mysterious accident in 1985 and disappeared from ourbeatleg4 view.  After that,  people  just assumed that Rod had died.  So it caused quite a stir when he showed up at Rory's funeral (sic)  in November, 1995. (note: It was actually Rory's memorial service which Rod attended.)
  In  Rod's interview, you will find the detail of this episode.  

To have these interviews on this issue, we got permission from Mr. John Ganjamie, whose Rory fan site "RoryON!!" has original texts of these interviews.  We greatly appreciate his generosity for this matter.

 Constructed by Youichiro Minami

The issue then included the articles
Rod De'Ath interview ; RoryON!! Article #211 ,  originally  from Signals magazine
and  Hot Press interview ; RoryON!! Article #149   Rory Gallagher - Pressing Ever Onwards by Niall Stokes

This article comes from  beatleg magazine from Japan Jan 2010 Vol. 114
Many thanks to  Yoshi  Yamamoto and the publishers of  beatleg magazine for allowing me to post this article
and special thanks to Reiko Schnetzer for translating this article!
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