McFadden's 2/19/2005
These Photos by John McMahon
newman                    sean strat
Chris Newman-guitar / Steve Campbell -harp        Sean McMahon & the Rory Strat

ali                 seamus
Ali Campbell, Sean McMahon,                                Seamus Kelleher & the Rory Strat
Colin McMahon, Steve Campbell          

Defender -Phil Hoolahan working his Strat
            Defender w/ Wullie on the vocals

      Stagestruck from Cork                                    
Stagestruck's Rory Murphy on bass
                                                                                      & Brian Tambling on guitar
p5mbarry.jpg                 p5msinnew.jpg
Barry Barnes of Sinnerboy in action                 Sinnerboy joined by Steve 'Soup' Campbell  

These Photos sent by Joyce Lichtenberger
Joyce, Perry and Dave disturbing the hotel the night before

These photos are from the afternoon session at McFaddens on 3rd street
chris                    jim
Chris Newman entertains the early arrivals         
Jim Grace with photos & his story
                                                                                  of a Rory show in Reading, PA

Ken Kelleher, John McMahon and Sean Selig           Sean Selig entertains the troops

p5jperryface.jpg Perry's face had Nothing to do with the music

These Photos shared by Neil Christman
p5nsin.jpg          p5ncrowd.jpg
                          Sinnerboy at work                   Wullie in the crowd at McFaddens'

Final Bows

These photos sent by Phil Hoolahan
p5pdefenderny.jpg  p5pdefneil.jpg
Defender in New York City                  Defender with Neil Christman outside CBGB's club

p5pstdefed.jpg      p5proof.jpg
  Stagestruck, Defender & Ed Christman posing              Defender ...up on the roof

These photos shared by Tom Beitz
(c) Tom Beitz-Photovision     856 786-0397
Saturday afternoon at Mcfaddens's 3rd Street

p5tsat1.jpg         p5tjpt.jpg
Steve Campbell, Jim Grace, Perry Lichtenberger              Perry, Joyce, Tom Beitz

p5tjpangel.jpg           p5tus.jpg
Joyce & Perry doing                                                       Clockwise: Perry, Joyce,
"Are You With Angels?"                                               Sara & Ken Kelleher,
                                                                                       Barbara & John Ganjamie

 p5tchris.jpg                 p5tfef.jpg
Steve Campbell & Chris Newman                                        Defender

p5tbrian.jpg    p5tstage.jpg   p5trory.jpg
          Brian Tambling                          Stagestruck                                          Rory Murphy
              p5tbarry.jpgp5tdavbar.jpg p5tdav.jpg
                     Barry                            Sinnerboy tearing it up                   Dave

      p5tmich.jpg                 p5tcrowd.jpg     p5tdance.jpg        
    Michaela & Joyce announce
          the door prizes    
                                                 the crowd at work

p5tbardance.jpg        p5tfinal.jpg
Stagestruck & Irish Mike dancing on the bar                   And in the end.......
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