Rory before Taste

When did  Rory Gallagher write " I Could've Had Religion “ and "In Your Town” and why?
What make of mouth-organ does he play and where does he live in Cork?
— (Bernadette Taylor, London)

What strings does he use on his mandolin and how does he tune it?
(Terry Tomlin, Romford)

What type of treble booster does he use and what strings
does he put on his Stratocaster?
(S.M.Pearce, Middlesbrough)

What was he doing before he formed Taste and did he make any records then?
(Terry Kettle, Colchester).

I didn't write “I Could've Had Religion.” It is a traditional number, an old blues song, which has been recorded by Junior Wells, and by Muddy Waters as “She's Alright,” which is almost the same. I wrote “In Your Town” in 1971 and the reason is quite simply that I had an urge to write a song about a jail break, which it describes. I play a Kohner Echo Super Vamper harmonica. My home is in York City, but when not touring I spend most of my time at my pad in West London. I use whatever strings I can get — any standard set —for the mandolin, but usually Clifford Essex. I use normal mandolin tuning of EADG. My treble booster is a Dallas Rangemaster, which is now out of production, but I still see them in shops second hand as I tour around. However, I only use it with my Vox amplifier and at the moment I'm using an old Fender Twin Reverb amp. The strings on my Stratocaster are Fender rock ‘n roll. Before I formed Taste, I was with the Fontana Irish Showband, which I left to go to Hamburg with a three-piece band without a name. I didn't record with these bands. —RORY GALLAGHER

Ok, historians...time for some help. Mark Stevens passed this one along, but no information is included. Judging by the addresses of the questioners, it looks like a publication from the UK. Any help appreciated!

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