' Photo-Finish ' gives Rory Gallagher a win  

It's been a long wait before we could welcome the follow-up of Rory Gallagher's album 'Calling Card'. Last year, when he toured here, Rory told us that he possibly would make his new record in America. Everything seemed very well with Rory's accompanying group and himself. Things have changed in the meanwhile, and that also explains why we have had to wait about two years for a new Gallagher product.

From the first notes, 'Photo-Finish' jumps out of the boxes. The record clearly rocks more violently than previous works by Rory. Also the last of the English blues guitarists seems to add more and more pieces of rock to his recipe. But he does so with an unequaled class. Gallagher stands 1978 a.d. on its peak. And its become time that not only blues, but guitar freaks once again thoroughly meet with Rory, because he really has more to offer. Listening to a song  like 'Overnight Bag' - we personally can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, it is perhaps somewhat too long to become a single, otherwise it might be for Rory Gallagher what 'Still The Same', for example, has been for Bob Seger.

Soon the Rory Gallagher trio will tour round over here. Go see and listen, because it's become time that our Irishman gets appreciation outside the circle of insiders. He's been working in public for years now, while less talented have had the road paved with roses for them.

This article was taken from the fanzine, Deuce,  but originally came from the 24 September 1978 issue of Joepi (One of the oldest music-only magazines in Belgium focusing on "popular" music")
The background is a photo from the back of the  issue of Deuce by Jakob Muldaur that I modified
Many thanks to Joepi for sharing and translating this article
reformatted by roryfan

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added 5/22/05