T.W.Parker's Rory memory from 1976 in Syracuse


A coworker asked me if I was going to see the Rory \ Aerosmith gig. I wasn’t aware of it at that point but went and got a couple of tickets. By the way my friend had front row tix. I think at that point I had Live In Europe and the Polydor “The Story So Far” LP’s.

Anyway my brother and I went to the gig, our seats were up on the side of the 7000 seat arena and we settled in for the show, but not for long. Rory came out with more energy than anything we’d ever seen and we were dumbfounded. I remember my bro turning and looking at me like “who the hell is this guy?” Rory was duck walking from one side of the stage to the other and by the time he finished the crowd was in a frenzy. I think he played two encores which was unheard of for an opening act but couldn’t do a third due to the Aerosmith schedule. The crowd was chanting “Rory, Rory” which continued when Aerosmith came on and was replaced with boos when they started playing. We didn’t hang around for the whole Aerosmith set, we’d seen enough, they couldn’t measure up. Rory left us shellshocked!
Fast forward 28 years to Ballyshannon 2004, my wife and I were having dinner at Smuggler’s Creek in Rosnowlagh outside of Ballyshannon on Friday night, and were asked if we’d move our table to accommodate a large incoming party. We obliged and as I was enjoying a succulent post dinner Guiness, in walks Gerry McAvoy, Brendan O’Neill and Friends. Well I was awestruck and intercepted Gerry as he was headed to the Loo. I introduced myself and said I’d seen Rory a couple of times, but that the 1976 show in Syracuse (w\ Aerosmith) was incredible. He paused for a few seconds and said he remembered the show because Rory and band were barred from watching Aerosmith backstage on that tour, presumably because they blew Aerosmith off the stage! Now while Gerry’s recall has been questioned in the past, I’m choosing to believe him on this one!  
I liked Rory prior to seeing him, but after witnessing him Tear It Up, call me a doubting Thomas no more!

The show was held at the Onandaga County War Memorial

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