Red letter day for Brisbane as Rory Gallagher
music pumps from Guitar Shop sound system.

The following is an extract from an email I sent to my Auntie Bob a couple of weeks ago............

rockystrat5.jpgI'm having an RDO today, so I went into my favourite guitar shop to do some tyre kicking, and what do you think they had, a Rory Strat. Retail price about two and a half times that of an ordinary Strat. So there I am gazing at it lovingly, strike, I haven't looked at the cook in the same way in years (LOL), and this young salesman sashees over and says to me "Bet that fooled ya dinnit" - probably meaning that I thought it was a beat up old axe and why would they have it on display in the pride of place.

"Nah" I says, adopting my 'Lore of all things Rory' voice, "it's a Rory Gallagher tribute Strat, pretty realistic too" as I caressingly lift it off the wall, "even got the dodgy machine head, and the splits in the scratchplate in the right place".rockystrat1.jpg Then I floor him "the woods not right though, too smooth, should look like a railway sleeper, all gouged and pock marked, and the bridge should look like the bottom of a Clydesdale Steamer, all rusty, hmm see they got the clay dot right ". The guys jaw drops, as I continue "dya listen to much Rory? He's on the back foot now like some up and comer in a Mohammed Ali fight, "nn nn not for a while he says" as I burst into the opening salvo of Follow Me (about all I could play upside down, me being a lefty) I says to him "mind if I come back tomorrow and get my photo taken with it, I'll bring ya a Rory boot for your trouble" "No" he replies in a bewildered voice.

rockystrat2.jpgAnyway, after some prompting from dear old Aunty,I decided to do just that. So today, I armed myself with a DVD and a VCD of Hammersmith - the intention being that they could give the VCD to whoever bought the guitar, plus the cook and camera and off we went.

Well, I can't remember ever being treated like Royalty before. They whipped the DVD into their gi-normous TV and off we went to the strains of 'Can You Hear Me'.

Now this is what you have to consider, I'm only used to sharing Rory in the flesh so as to speakrockystrat4.jpg with John Spreckley, sure I talk to others about him but I think they just listen politely. To suddenly watch half a dozen people stop, look and listen and hear the dude I gave the DVD to, say to one of the customers all knowingly, "oh that's Rory Gallagher, not bad hey". And then some other punter who's trying out a bass rig starts playing along, I tell you it nearly bought a tear to my eye.

The dude who runs the shop genuflected and thanked me, shaking my hand and I said to him "there's a VCD as well as the DVD" and before I can finish, he buts in "yeah I might take that home myself and have a good look".


Several photos later,as the cook and I walk out of the shop, it's then that we realize that the shop has speakers set up outside, and they were pumping out Rory at about 10 on the Richter scale, rocking half of the Valley (name of the suburb) as I air guitared my way back to our car much to the astonishment of several passers-by.

What a day.....................if I can work out how to upload a photo or two I'll do so.

My work is done!

Cheers from downunder

Nick "Rocky" Smith

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