Michael McCarthy's walking tour of Rory related spots in Cork City     May 2005
Thanks for the great job in sharing this, Michael!

1. City Hall- Irish Tour '74 location & many New Years concerts
2. City Hall - backstage entrance 
3. Taste Café
4. An Cruscian Lan   Rory Gallagher Room  ( site of the 2005 tribute gigs)
5. City Library- Rory Gallagher Music Library
6. Capitol Cinema- First showing of Irish Tour '74
7. Leaders Clothers Store- origin of denims & check shirts
8. Rory Gallagher Place & Sculpture
9. School of  Art- Rory took lessons here
10. The Opera House- ( and a great concert it was too!)
11. St. Kierans College where Rory went to school on this street
12. Gallagher's Pub- named after Rory/ Plaque to Rory/ Crowleys' Music Centre - an Irish Tour '74 location
13. Tele cabs- Rory's family lived above this store front
14. Everyman Palace Theatre- Rory also played here
15. Bus station- pickup bus to Ballincollig and St.Olivers Cemetery from here
16. Location of original Crowley's Music shop where Rory brought his Strat
17. Father Mathew- according to Rory- the last person he would invite to a party
18. The Savoy Centre ( formerly  Savoy cinema/theater) Rory played here during his Showband days

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