"I must be emotionally involved in my music"

The Rory Gallagher Group Tour of Ireland

RORY GALLAGHER, who will be here in a fortnight with new men, Gerry McAvoy and Wilgar Campbell, has one basic aim: 'I want to play the blues well and feel them properly', he says. The writing, singing, playing (guitar, alto, harmonica} genius stresses the need for feeling. ..'I'd pack it in at moment's notice if I felt that I wasn't an efficient or proficient musician. I must also become involved emotionally in the theme or line of thought conveyed by the music' , he explains. 'Basically, I like anvthing with guts." Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy, Woody Guthrie, Johnny Winter, the Stones (who sometimes don't look it but who are so far ahead) and John Hammond, who I think is the best of the white interpreters of blues, one of the few who have stuck to the straight and narrow' , says the man whose new album, 'Rory Gallagher' , adds depth and subtlety to physical excitement.

The cornerstone of Taste, who broke up at the end of  last year when they were reaching new heights of fame, thinks music should have real impact ...'When I listen to something, I like to be taken out of my seat and flung across the room. I like guts and a good drive, which you can also have in the gentle stuff .Whether it's authentic or not, or any other thing, but sounds good and feels good, that's it', he says.

Asked if his music has changed since Taste, Rory replies: 'With a new line- up and a lot of new songs, certainly it has, but for better or worse I'm still recognisable'.

The Donegal-born, Cork-reared musician who was playing his first guitar when he was nine, likes to get across personally to audiences. He was disappointed when he and Taste toured America with Blind Faith ...'We found ourselves playing to vast stadium crowds and I didn't like it. If we go there again--a trip is being planned for later in the year- I want to get to more of the smaller clubs," he says.

Rory, Gerry and Wilgar will be playing some of the biggest venues in the country, north and south, during their visit. They wiH open on Friday, June 18, at the Savoy, Cork and go on to Savoy, L"Knerick -Saturday 19; St. Colman's, Newry -Sunday 20; Guild. hall, Derry -Monday 21; Town Hall.

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