Guitarist Gallagher Ejected
SYDNEY- Declaring it to be "the most disgusting incident of my 15 years on the road," Irish rock guitarist Rory Gallagher and his band were ordered out of the Wrest Point Casino in the city of Hobart recently, capitol of the island state Tasmania.

Gallagher, who was staying at the Wrest Point Hotel, ventured into the casino after a sellout concert, dressed in corduroy jeans and a suit coat- the fullest extent of rock formality.

Security officers descended upon him in the casino bar and insisted that he was inappropriately dressed. He called for the manager, who reinforced the edict, abusing Gallagher and calling him an "obnoxious little bastard."

The exceedingly gentle guitarist was so upset over the ejection that he flew out of Tasmania ahead of schedule and rested on the tropical Queensland coast.

The Gallagher tour was a success beyond expectations. Tumultuous  receptions were extended at 11 SRO concerts, causing the guitarist to pledge a return in 1981. Radio has placed "Philby' on high rotation, a single completely ignored on original release some months ago.

This article comes from the Sept. 13, 1980 issue of Billboard.
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