The Real Thing


The year was 1974. I had read reviews of Rory in various magazine's and bought a few albums to decide for myself. Well, the albums were great of course and I was curious to see him the next time he played in New York.

As luck would have it Rory turned up in NY at a little club in the village of Roslyn called "My Father's Place" in September of that year. The rest is history. Rory took the stage and launched into Messin With The Kid. I was floored!!! Tattoo'd Lady followed and then a nasty version of Early In The Morning! I was now a fan for life!!

During the next 16 years or so I managed to see Rory play some 17 times! Always a great show! I have seen many artists play in my lifetime but without a doubt, Rory was the greatest!  

Vince Rampino/NY
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