Texas Fan

I was lucky. At first, I thought Rory was just another British Blues singer because I had mistaken him for someone else. Reading a review of the album " Calling Card" in the San Jacinto Jr. College weekly paper, I remember thinking the author had poor taste. Fortunately I was corrected.

A friend and myself arrived very early at the Summit for a ZZ Top concert. We marched on to the floor just like we had tickets down there and nobody chased us. We quickly pushed our way through the small (for the Summit) crowd to get lost. When we stopped about three rows back from stage center without Security at about 6 o'clock and turned towards the stage.There was Rory in a plaid western style work shirt just killing that old beat up Strat. Rory and the band had plenty of room on the Summit stage. This was maybe an hour and a half before the main show and all the lights were on. They almost looked like roadies setting up for another band. I could see him very clearly. I stood there in awe, amazed by the sound he created in that great hall and overwhelmed at my ignorance of his talent.

Someone nudged me and pointed at the big screen  near the ceiling of the Summit. Since there was some delay in the processing of the transmission from camera to screen I was able to briefly see myself looking awe struck. Talk about a lasting impression.

Twice more at a small club on Richmond St. in Houston , The Texas Opera House,  my girl friend, then wife and I truly enjoyed the music and energy Rory brought to the stage. Between songs I would yell
" Souped Up Ford". Once I got his attention but that song was not on his list.

When our son obtained his drivers license, and "us parents " could go out again, I decided to look on the net to learn what old Rory might be up to. We were of course very sad to learn of his passing.

Fritz Huss

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