A Kiss at The Agora

I had the good fortune to met and know Rory Gallagher for years. (we met in the early Seventies). I used to go to a club in Cleveland Ohio called the Agora. I was talked into going to the club by a friend who just wanted to "go out". I was up in the front as always. When Rory started to play..I was mesmerized to the point that I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Towards the end, I noticed a roadie keeping his eyes on me.  He wanted to make sure I didn't get away. When the show ended, this young roadie ran up to me and said "How would you like to meet Rory Gallagher?" I said "Yes" so fast that it made my brain spin. I walked backstage with the friend I came with..Dixie Emory. She got his autograph first and just walked away. I got mine next and shook his hand. He just couldn't stop smiling at me. As I started to pull away, I noticed he wasn't letting go of my hand, Iooked down at our clinched hands and up into his bluer than blue eyes. I had a smile on my face that wouldn't end. He had the same smile. I knew what he wanted. He wasn't about to let go of my hand until I kissed him. I moved slowly towards him. I made sure as I moved my hand to the right of him..(trying not to touch any private area) I kissed him on the cheek. Before I had the chance to let go of him he had pulled me back into his arms and kissed me back. He had my heart from the get go. I belonged to him from that day forward. Once I told him my name he never forget it.

 By the way, I read the story about Marianne Murphy ( see story #15). I know her too, she's a friend. pen pals, we talk on the phone a lot. We share stories about Rory all of the time. Rory will forever be the sweetest memory of my life. We lost track of each other the last years of his life and the grief nearly killed me. I have a bookcase in my den in honor of Rory. I still have the guitar slide he gave to me decades back.
 Dwana Horner
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