DVD2005Title: Rory Gallagher - The Definitive Collection - 3 DVD Box Set
Label: Wienerworld Ltd           Cat Number:53025    Bar Code 4031778530259
Format: DVD    Price: £49.99    Release Date: 28 November 2005  Duration: 9 hours  Certificate: E
Rory Gallagher is the man who, without question, spearheaded and influenced the entire Irish rock movement. Rory’s music was his religion.
The conviction and sincerity with which he projected it has assured him a place in rock history and earned him critical acclaim as one of the greatest torchbearers of driving, effusive rock and blues.

Released to coincide with the 10th Anniversary year of his death (14.6.95) – this 3 DVD live in concert box set is a testament to one of the greatest men of rock.
Region: 2  Colour: Colour   TV System: PAL
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Track Listing:
DVD #1
Studio-L Cologne 1976
Pistol Slapper Blues, Too Much Alcohol, Out On The Western Plain, Bankers Blues, Rag Mama Rag, Nothing But The Devil, Goin’ To My Hometown, I Take What I Want, Calling Card, Secret Agent, Do You Read Me, Bought And Sold, Country Mile, Jacknife Beat, Boogie

Grugahalle 1977
Messin’ With The Kid, I Take What I Want, Garbage Man, Moonchild, Secret Agent, Calling Card, Out On The Western Plain, Barley and Grape Rag, Tattooed Lady, Souped Up Ford, Bullfrog Blues, Bought And Sold

Jam Session Wiesbaden 1979 with Frankie Miller
Bullfrog Blues, Walkin’ The Dog, Sea Cruise, Around And Around, Roll Over Beethoven

DVD #2
1982 Loreley
Wayward Child, Double Vision, Big Guns, What in the World, Nadine, Follow Me, Bad Penny, Bourbon, Jinxed, Moonchild, Brute Force and Ignorance, The Devil Made Me Do It, Western Plain, Ride on Red, Philby, Shadow Play, Shinkicker, Peter Gun

Jam Session 1982
Knocking on Heaven’s Door, I’m Ready, Medley: Lucille/Dust My Broom/I’m Movin’/Be Ba Be Lua, Slow Down, I Have The Blues

DVD ‘#3
1979 Wiesbaden
Shinkicker, Last Of The Independents, Off The Handle, Bought And Sold, Shadow Play, Million Miles Away, Hell Cat, Western Plain, Too Much Alcohol, Going To My Hometown, Tattooed Lady, Secret Agent, Fat Albert Rofunda, Might Be

Cologne 1990
Continental Op, Don’t Start Me Talkin, Mean Disposition, Kid Gloves, Middle Name, King Of Zydeco, Out On The Western Plain, Empire State Express, The Loop, Garbage Man, My Baby She Left Me, Shadow Play, Shinkicker, Born Under A Bad Sign (with Jack Bruce tbc), I’m Ready (with Jack Bruce tbc), Politician (with Jack Bruce tbc), Bullfrog Blues

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