Donman's story
(originally posted to the old Bullfrog list in 1999)

I have a "little" memory I wanted to share with you that happened Friday, July 18, 1969 ~ 30 years ago today.  My brother Bob & I & four other friends left our small N.E. Ohio town & travelled northeast across the Canadian border to Toronto, Ontario.  We were all pretty psyched out; knowing we were about to see one of the big, new "Supergroups" of the day!!  [a month later, we'd be at "Woodstock"; but that's another story.....].  With tickets in hand, we entered Toronto's "Varsity Stadium" a little late; as the opening act had already started.  We were anxious to see & hear BLIND FAITH ~ all of us being Cream/Traffic fans.  And, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends were the middle act.  We'd heard of them, but were really there to see Eric, Stevie, Ginger & Rick!!  Well, back to that "opening act" ~ we walked in & were TOTALLY blown away by this long-haired trio of "unknowns"; possibly some local Canadian "warm-up" band, we thought. [Yeah; right!] It was our 1st introduction to TASTE, w/ Rory Gallagher!!!  [some "warm-up" band!!].

We couldn't believe the music this band was playing! Their small, yet fiery guitarist/singer was un-f---ing-believable!!  All over the stage & playing guitar like we'd never heard before.  [and, this was the late '60's; when we'd already heard a lot of guitar-hero's]. Well, after the show, it was "Blind Faith who"???
Blind Faith WERE good; as were D & B & Friends, but TASTE blew them both away!!!!  I wish I could say I remember each & every song they played, but they were unknown to us & 30 years is a long time ago.......  We couldn't believe what we saw!!  Shortly afterwards; back home, I found Taste's 1st LP in our local record store, snatched it up & "the rest is history"; as they say.  Bob & I still have our Ticket Stubs from this show. too ~ with this tiny, little name "Taste" underneath; in small print.  A lot of RORY fans were "born" here in our town ~ thanks to that one concert 30 years ago today.......I got to see Rory 2 more times; in Cleveland; in '72 & '73.  Sure wish he was here to see one more time. Sorry for being so long-winded here.  This is a VERY special day for me & I wanted to share it with you!  To close ~ Thank You for 30 years  of music & memories, Rory G.  You were ~ and still are ~  THE MAN!!!!
~ don ~

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