A Daughter's Story
I have my own little Rory story to tell. I must confess it's my parental unit who got me turned on to Rory, especially mom. Being the avid fan she was, she was thrilled when he came to town, for what would be the last time in 1988. Her tickets were purchased a month or so in advance, and being the rotten kid I am, I had let her birthday slip past without so much as a boo. Well, once I had learned Rory was coming to town, my birthday problem was solved! I pestered my mom for what seemed like forever asking what her favorite Rory song was. Yeah, like she could narrow it down. FINALLY got an answer of "Moonchild." I let my pen do the magic as I constructed a letter to Rory telling him how wonderful he was and that I had the pleasure of seeing him previously, but would be missing this show. I explained my mom would be attending and that her birthday had passed and asked if he could help me out by dedicating her favorite song to her. I sent the letter to the venue the day before he was to perform. Low and behold, the forever gracious man with the Irish eyes dedicated "Moonchild" to my mom 2nd song into the show. It is without a doubt the coolest thing I have ever done and I couldn't have done it without Rory. He is sorely missed, always....

Against The Grain Is the way things were done
Always sold out Never a sell out
Forty six years young
The Angels have come Again...
First S.R.V. Now you've taken R.G.
This feeling we feel must be what it's like At The Bottom
You've taken the best
Leaving us with the blues
We'll hold on to our memories of handshakes and smiles until the day when we can once again say.....
"Rory! Rory! Rory!
My dedication to the late Rory Gallagher.
Written June 14, 1995 SRVBLUZFAN@AOL.COM

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