JUNE 2003

Rory Gallagher Square  
June 14, 2003

Open Air gig

             STAGESTRUCK, a group of 18 year old                  
musicians from the Cork area in action.  
The band is headed by guitarist
Brian out for this guy!
A crowd of about 250 enjoy the action.
Organizers, Tony  Moore and Pete Somers pictured
in the forefront

A group of 8 Loop members went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Cork.
Where else would you go for Mexican besides Cork?!

The members came from 6 different countries.
Clockwise:Gareth Williams (Wales), Unni Williams (Norway), John Ganjamie ( US),
Laurie McGuire (US), Phil Redshaw (UK) and John Spreckley ( Australia).
Not pictured...Irene ( Laurie's friend from Ireland) and Barbara Ganjamie (US)
Rory's global appeal at work

The wrap up of the weekend.....a two band finale
at the 2 Mile Inn in Midleton

bfi2 bfi3
Brute Force & Ignorance opened the show
Marcus broke a string...within seconds Volkhard from the Loop
dashed to the stage to loan his green Strat to keep the show going

loop volkhard
           The Loop followed BFI to the stage                                    Volkhard at work          


Jan takes over the vocals

Loop Members at the 2 Mile Inn & Meeting Place

   John Spreckley from Australia                        John Spreckley & Gareth Williams                                                    


  Stefanos (Greece) and Saxo ( Holland)        Saxo, roryfan and Barbara G salute
                                                                                     the photographer

tl u2m

                        Thomas (BFI) & Laurie McGuire                                   Unni Williams

  Tony Moore puts the finishing touches to the night


Photos from Cork sent by Phil Redshaw
Stages Brian
     Stagestruck at the open air gig in Cork                    Brian and Rory at McDaid's

at the 2 mile 2 mile
      Back row: Stefanos, Phil Redshaw, Saxo, Peter Stoudt               Phil Redshaw with Robert & Paula Jones from Cardiff
                 Front: Tony Watson ( formery of New Zealand)

marcus d
        Marcus of BFI                                                BFI  at the 2 Mile Inn

A TASTE OF RORY took Dublin by storm with a R.G. commemorative gig on Friday, June 13th.

The band (Deko Kennedy (gtr/vocals), Paul Moore (bass), Rod Quinn (drums) and Dick Farrelly (keyboards)] started the night as a three piece, playing music from the TASTE era ( e.g. 'Mornin' Sun', 'Whats goin On' etc.) to a wildly appreciative audience.

An acoustic set followed, including such gems as 'Out on the Western Plain', but the real highlight of the show was an original, penned by Deko, recounting his first visit to Rory's grave in Ballincollig. There wasn't a dry eye in the house...

The third part of the show was done as a four-piece, and included such classics as 'A Million Miles Away', 'Walk on Hot Coals', and finished up with the 'anthem' - 'Bullfrog Blues'. Encore after encore followed, with fans dancing and screaming for more. As one fan put it: "Taxi? - I could RUN home!!!"

A TASTE OF RORY continue to break new ground, spreading the message of Rory to fans, old and new ( the amount of young fans at the gig was a welcome sight!). The band are planning a tour of Holland in August ( details to be  confirmed) and look forward to touring the rest of Europe in the near future.
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