I'm A Professional, Don't Try This At Home
 Wed, 23 Sep 1998

This is an email from an old Rory friend from California that rode a bicycle everywhere. This is Catfish's story of a Rory influenced bike ride. Just something that I always got a kick out of and a feeling we can all relate to.  roryfan

This morning as I was donning the gloves and helmet for the ride into work , I was eye-balling the DiscMan. So I grab Photo Finish and Deuce, Photo Finish goes into the DiscMan and I get set up for the ride. Now it's illegal to ride with those things in California, but I have plenty of hair, it's easy to hide the earphones.

okay, right from the get-go it's Shin Kicker and the pace is way up! !! High-speed, through the pedestrians to the freeway footbridge, faster than I've ever gone through the narrow opening (it's about 2" wider than the handlebars). Zip! Up over the bridge, down the other side, now REAL FAST, through the next gate, again, real narrow and I'm not braking. The coffee mug whacks the pole, but everything survived, barely spilled any coffee and only a small dent in the mug.


Now I'm on the brakes, sliding in a left turn through the next gate. I thought I was dead... Made that one too. Get to the beach as Shin Kicker ends, stop, hit the button and move to Cloak & Dagger. Oh shit!! ! I got it playing so loud I-couldn't hear a train whistle if it were in my face!

Down the beach, and then I'm at the train station and into traffic. I'm moving along at the pace of the music, glad I didn't put on Cruise On Out! !!! Cloak & Dagger isn't a real fast song, but when you're pedalling to the beat you can get flying!!l More traffic and Overnight Bag comes on. Stop at the stop light and some street urchin is talking (or yelling, could hear him) at me. I smile and wave.

Green light and the pace is a little slower. I can't hear anything but Rory and I'm waiting for the Mack truck to squash me from behind--.

Then Shadowplay comes on!!!  Here we go again! High speed maneauyers through traffic, around parked cars and street people and bikes going the wrong way. Didn't run any of them down today...

Rolled into work with Mississippi Sheiks starting, so stood out front and smoked a cigarette while it finished (I won't just stop Rory, always finish it out) .

Whew! Don't try this at home ! Probably made the best time ever for the commute though! I'm going to try this while mountain biking next time I go! Better not try it on unfamiliar trails!

Okay, that was my morning. Hope y'all are doing good. Obviously I'm doing great, hope the rest of the day goes as well!!
Cheers! wrk

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